December 6, 2022
Black Series Review: Han Solo (Bespin) | (The Empire Strikes Back)

Hasbro delivers Harrison Ford’s definitive version of the captain of the Millennium Falcon to the Black Series collection.

Hasbro has started a new focus on Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and Han Solo (Bespin) is the first action figure to be released from the collection. In addition to Solo, Hasbro had promised to deliver all-new versions of beloved characters like Leia (Hoth & Bespin Escape), Dengar, General Veers, Admiral Piett which are set to arrive over the coming months.

Black Series Review: Han Solo (Bespin) | (The Empire Strikes Back)

Since its introduction, The Black Series has produced four Harrison Ford Han Solo figures before this one and to be honest, they weren’t exactly great in terms of likeness to Harrison Ford. The first three (A New Hope, Stormtrooper disguise and Hoth Gear w/ Tauntaun) looked like cheap toys. The Hoth gear even had the coat in the wrong color, it was a bit of a mess. The Force Awakens version had a horrible paint app and thusly ruined the great sculpt it had. However, this new Han Solo figure is the right one, it’s spot on Harrison Ford – the sculpt is perfect and the digital paint app is excellent. It has taken several years to get there but we’re finally here, at long last there’s an ultimate Han Solo figure in the Black Series line and it’s one of my favorite outfits of the character! Like most of the recent figures, the hair is a separate piece of plastic giving it a more “realistic” appearance.

For this figure, Hasbro has added a brand new articulation that is present on S.H. Figuarts and MAFEX figure – a neck articulation! It’s great! So the figure has 19 points of articulation! Hopefully, we’ll see this neck articulation incorporated into more figures moving forward, it’s a lot better to have two points of articulation for the face.

In terms of screen accuracy, the figure is also spot on and has an amazing paint app. They even improved the holster, they weathered it so it looks even better! The blaster is well detailed and has a good paint app! I only have good things to say about this figure except for one thing – the accessories. He only has his DL-44 blaster pistol while the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive had an interchangeable hand (the Ford point finger), I’m extremely disappointed Hasbro didn’t include it in this general release. Interchangeable hands are the next best thing in terms of accessories, it’s something that shouldn’t be exclusive to comic-con figures.

Up Close:

As a comparison with the S.H Figuarts Han Solo figure, you can see right away Figuarts is the better one in terms of plastic, they use a more expensive plastic that feels less like a toy. But when it comes to the face sculpt, it’s difficult to say which one is the best but the hair is the best on the Black Series one. Figuarts used to render golden hair when they started, it was a bit weird and the digital paint app is better on the Black Series as well, there are fewer pixels on it.

Black Series Review: Han Solo (Bespin) | (The Empire Strikes Back)

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s an amazing figure and is easily the most definitive version of the character Hasbro has ever produced. It’s Harrison Ford – great details and amazing paint apps!


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