December 6, 2022
The REAL Optimus Prime Battles Soundwave and Ravage in the new Bumblebee Trailer

There’s more than meets the eye in the new Transformers spin-off trailer

Whether you like, love or loathe Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, one thing is undeniable…they have an annoying tendency of dominating the worldwide box office despite lacking the quality the fans deserve. Fans of the original animated television series have been forced to endure the injustice of having the icons of the franchise reimagined, their characters destroyed and their legacy tarnished by a shortsighted writing style. But when the first Transformers spin-off movie arrives this December the tide may finally be turning.


Bumblebee has been mooted to be a soft reboot of the cinematic franchise at a time when our faith in the property is at an all-time low. The most recent movie in the series, The Last Knight boasted the benefit of an intriguing storyline, as well as being the first movie EVER to be filmed entirely in IMAX, but just like its predecessors, The Last Knight fell far short of the standard expected from the fans and diluted the fabulous characters of the franchise even further.

So, what can we expect from Bumblebee when it arrives on our cinema screens this December? More of the same? Another Michael Bay abomination?

Stop the presses

Bumblebee will include the REAL OPTIMUS PRIME, the REAL SOUNDWAVE…and even the REAL RAVAGE and SHOCKWAVE! And if that wasn’t enough, it would appear that the original transformation sound effects are being incorporated as well.

The REAL Optimus Prime Battles Soundwave and Ravage in the new Bumblebee Trailer

Fans of the original animated series can finally rejoice. Our childhood dreams where the greatest characters of the franchise come to life on the big screen exactly how we remember them is finally coming to fruition. And, the latest trailer has delivered our first look at them in glorious high definition.


Could this be true? Are we about to see our childhood favourites brought to life as we have always dreamed? It would appear Paramount Pitcures have finally addressed the issues that have dogged the feature films since their inception and delivered a Transformers movie we can all get behind!

The REAL Optimus Prime Battles Soundwave and Ravage in the new Bumblebee Trailer

Whether Bumblebee can transform the fortunes of the ailing franchise remains to be seen, but with images plucked from Transformers: The Movie and updated with contemporary effects, surely this represents the biggest step in the right direction for a VERY long time.

Autobots…transform and roll out!


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