The Curse of Star Wars Strikes Again | Star Wars: Resistance UK Broadcast Date Confirmed

Once again, the fans of the UK will have the events of the latest Star Wars series spoiled by social media.

The curse of Star Wars has struck the UK again. At Future of the Force, we have been proud to champion the cause of the struggling fans of the UK. Whether it has been the complete and utter lack of Hasbro Star Wars merchandise on our store shelves, the availability of US exclusives on our shores or even the release dates of the latest movies, we have been there to lead the line for better treatment and equality on par with our friends across the pond.

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The most painful of these inequalities has come in the form of Dave Filoni’s landmark series, Star Wars: Rebels. From its very first season, Rebels debut much later in the UK than it did in the United States and as a result, the struggling fans of the UK were forced to endure having the events of the series ruined by the many social media outlets which were awash with excited chatter about the most recent episode. So bad was this precedent, that when fans in the United States were enjoying the revelation of Ahsoka Tano’s surprise appearance in the season finale, the fans in the UK awoke to have this MASSIVE spoiler front and centre on their timeline.

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This alarming trend continued through season’s two and three, so much so that the mid-season premiere was delayed over here by as much as six weeks leaving UK fans making the pilgrimage to Star Wars: Celebration free to watch a sneak-peek at season four before they had even completed season three. Darth Maul‘s shock return was ruined, Darth Vader’s epic lightsaber duel with Ahsoka Tano was spoiled for us, and the stunning climax to the series was revealed across social media long before the UK fans could watch it for themselves.

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In short, the struggling fans of the UK have been frustrated by this alarming scenario for over five years, and we had hoped that Disney XD UK had learned a valuable lesson from these failings. However, it gives us no pleasure at all to confirm that Star Wars: Resistance, the latest animated series to emerge from the Lucasfilm banner has finally been granted a UK broadcast date.

Star Wars: Resistance will premiere in the UK on Saturday 13th October at 09.29am via Disney XD UK.

Just as we feared, Star Wars: Resistance will debut in the UK a full six days after it has been broadcast in the United States leaving millions of fans around the world facing another battle to avoid the spoilers permeating social media. Why Disney XD UK holds such little regard for the UK fans is unclear, but whether you have been excited or disconcerted by the new animation style of Star Wars: Resistance, chances are you will have every single plot detail spoilt for you by the time you sit down to watch it for yourself.


Unfortunately, the UK curse shows no signs of relenting and we will be forced to endure this short-sighted release schedule for the foreseeable future. What we can look forward to instead of a shiny new Star Wars series is waking up to see every social media channel awash with excited chatter, spoilers and plot revelations which will undoubtedly erode the magic of what looks to be an exciting Star Wars roller-coaster ride!

Shame on you Disney XD UK. You have let the fans down once again.

Are you frustrated with Disney XDUK’s conduct? Drop us a line and share your thoughts with us.


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