December 8, 2022
Can Bumblebee Revitalize the Transformers Franchise?

Can the lovable Autobot’s standalone adventure truly reinvigorate our love of the Transformers franchise?

Since 2007 there have been five Transformers movies that have made $4.4 billion dollars worldwide. That’s a lot of money for a series of films that aren’t regarded very well by critics and casual moviegoers alike. But with Transformers: The Last Knight garnering the worst reviews of the series with a pitiful 16% Rotten Tomatoes score and 5.2 out of 10 stars on IMDb it seemed that maybe these films would finally stop coming out. But Paramount Pictures wasn’t giving up one of its highest-grossing franchises anytime soon.


Hence, we now have Bumblebee coming out this December. The studio knows that there are a LOT of people who will look past the mediocre or downright egregious reviews to still see the Transformers morph into cars or planes and blow important cities to smithereens. I mean, I went to see Transformers: Age of Extinction three times in the movie theaters four years ago and I think that year it got the award for Worst Movie of the Year.


So, with Optimus Prime seeming to have saved Earth from countless world-ending events Paramount Pictures realized they would have to shake things up. When they announced that they were making a Bumblebee spin-off set in the 80s’ I was skeptical, to say the least. But after seeing the trailers for the film I am a tad more confident that the movie may be a fun film to see at the movie theaters this Christmas.

The action looks awesome as always. I’m not totally into the Volkswagen Bumblebee but oh well. And the human characters don’t look too annoying.


Honestly, this film could be a good thing for the Transformers franchise. If it manages, as a Transformers spin-off, to make at least $500 million worldwide that would be a huge win for the movie. Especially considering that it’ll be facing some stiff competition with DC Comics’ Aquaman and Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. And if it makes more than that it’ll really be a win for Paramount.

Can Bumblebee Revitalize the Transformers Franchise?

Then again it could be a flop just like Transformers: The Last Knight and if that happens then Paramount should place the Transformers franchise on the shelf for a while. Money in Hollywood speaks louder than words and if we as moviegoers don’t show up for this film it’ll be a clear sign that we need a break from the Transformers for a while.

But, as I said before if it ends up performing well Bumblebee could be just the thing that this franchise needs to get moviegoers back interested in this franchise again.

BumbleBee transforms and rolls out on December 21st


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