August 13, 2022
Book Review | Star Trek Prometheus: The Root Of All Rage

Carl continues his journey beyond the final frontier aboard the starship Prometheus in Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg’s second chapter in their glorious Star Trek trilogy

A dangerous evil is flourishing in the Alpha Quadrant. In the Lembatta Cluster, a curious region of space, fanatics who call themselves the Purifying Flame are trying to start a galactic war, and the warlike Klingons are baying for blood. The Federation has sent the U.S.S. Prometheus to settle the crisis, and the crew must contend with both the hostile Renao: the secretive inhabitants of the Cluster, and the Klingon captain of the I.K.S Bortas, who is desperate for war.

Turning around, Adams smiled. “So, Kirk would fly to Bharatrum, would he?”

“No, Captain Adams,” Spock replied wryly. “James T. Kirk would already be there”

After the explosive and brilliant start to the series with ‘Fire with Fire’, writers Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg return to the Prometheus universe with ‘The Root Of All Rage’, the second part of their three book trilogy. Starting from almost the same point where the original book ended, we are again thrust into the world of Captain Richard Adams and his crew of the U.S.S Prometheus. Again, we are following the crew of the Federation craft and its Klingon counterpart, the I.K.S Bortas as they continue their investigations into The Renao threat from the Purifying Flame and their attempts to stop it.

Star Trek Prometheus: The Root of All Rage | by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg



Again, I won’t go into too many details as the book holds surprises that the reader must discover for themselves. However, there are again fantastic cameo appearances from Star Trek Legends and references to events and characters in the past that will make the reader smile beamingly. Again, some of the new characters are given little to do but in this instance, their presence in the storyline is vital. Every character is needed to further the story and to draw the reader in and not let them go.

Both Starships are deep into their investigations in the Alpha Quadrant. The Klingon Captain Kromm is still baying for blood while Adams is following his assigned duties by attempting a peaceful diplomatic way of dealing with the Renao. The mystery deepens further when a message buoy from the long-destroyed Federation vessel, the U.S.S Valiant is discovered floating in space where a planet should be but isn’t. Collecting the buoy proves to be dangerous and attempts to decipher its information frustrating.


An attack on another Klingon settlement provides the spark that attempts to ignite a war the Federation is trying to avoid. The Klingons demand justice and blood, the Federation asks for diplomacy and understanding while The Purifying Flame gets even bolder in its attacks and its deadly arsenal increases daily. The Renao people start to turn on themselves, attacking friends, family and neighbours with varying terrorist atrocities committed against their fellows. The radiation that’s affecting the Renao people starts to affect the crews of the Starships and again, dormant prejudices and bad feelings rise to the surface, causing tensions, unrestrained outbursts and acts of violence and aggression. In between that concern, Kromm decides to attack the Renao people from space, targeting their cities and their citizens. Adams must make a decision on how to thwart him and the consequences if he succeeds. All the while, the Klingon high council is demanding blood is shed for their murdered people and a Klingon Fleet is waiting just outside the Renao border to wipe them out of the universe.


All this does is make the tension rise and clouds both crews from their real objective of finding and stopping the Purifying Flame before it commits another atrocity and fans the flames higher still. And when the revelation of how and why the hatred from the Renao started in the first place makes itself known, it leaves one crew shocked while the other lays blame.

Final Thoughts:

I shall leave it there. The book is a must-read for Star Trek fans and especially for any reader who has read the first novel. Not only does it carry on the tradition set previously by other writers but it carries the Trek universe forward further still. Perplies and Humberg have created a fantastic new universe to play in. And this second book is as gratifying as the first. It does feel like the middle chapter of the story but that’s to the book’s advantage. Take nothing away from the storyline or writing, this is an entertaining and thrilling roller coaster ride yet again. Old friends make an appearance, our new friends stand tall yet again and the action and narrative flow thick and fast. This middle chapter does contain the cliffhanger ending I was kind of expecting but that’s the beauty of it. Even though you suspect the ending will be a cliffhanger, you can’t help but groan when the book ends as you are desperate to read the next chapter. You find yourself desperate to read the next book. And that’s where the beauty and the talent of the writers lie. You can’t wait to find out what happens next and end up crying out for more. Any writer worth their salt will bring those feelings out of you and Perplies and Humberg accomplish it with ease.

Book Review | Star Trek Prometheus: Fire With Fire

Again, the book brings events that happen in the world today into the story with brilliant effect. Racial tensions, prejudice and resentment adorn the book but the stigma of self-harm and the desire for acceptance make their presence known this time as well. We can all relate to the situation faced by one character, the feeling of self-loathing, the need to be accepted and to prove ourselves to others. And in addition, we can relate to another characters denying of their feelings, to be scared to open ourselves up in case of rejection and ridicule, to show that beneath a hard exterior, a softer side lurks underneath, scared to be dragged into the light, to show we are vulnerable when we try to show we are anything but. To show we are HUMAN.

The third and final book of the trilogy, ‘In The Heart Of Chaos’ is now sitting by my side begging to be opened and enjoyed. And I cannot wait much longer. I HAVE to find out how it all plays out. I have to see who stands tall and who falls. I have to discover if certain characters reach their full potential and commit the ultimate sacrifice for their shipmates. And to discover if the damage that certain characters have created can be atoned for and forgiven. To this end, the book is a triumph. And one I hope the final novel can be worthy of.

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Star Trek Prometheus: The Root of All Rage by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg is published by Titan Books and is available to buy from all good retailers NOW.


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