February 3, 2023
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Blu-Ray Release Date Confirmed

The final film in the X-Men Fox franchise hits home media this September/October

The final movie in the twenty-year-old X-Men franchise proved to be one of the most divisive in the franchise’s history and as a result was emphatically spurned by cinema fans the world over.

Unfortunately, 20th Century Fox failed to learn from its past failures and appointed X-Men: The Last Stand scribe Simon Kinberg as writer/director for Dark Phoenix, a culmination of twenty years of mutant action. And typically, the project monumentally failed. Kinberg rehashed many of the bemoaned tropes from his past efforts and ultimately ruined the franchise instead of culminating it. It was mothing short of character assassination, but X-Men fans can rest easy knowing the dark times are over thanks to the property reverting beneath the Marvel Studios umbrella.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Blu-Ray Release Date Confirmed

That being said, completionists everywhere are probably waiting to hear when Dark Phoenix will be arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Well, the wait is over. 20th Century Fox has confirmed that X-Men: Dark Phoenix will arrive on digital download on September 28th before arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 8th. These dates are applicable to the UK release. The United States will see the movie debut on digital on September 3rd and finally Blu-Ray and DVD on September 17th.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Blu-Ray Release Date Confirmed

Personally, I will be waiting for the movie to head into the inevitable bargain bins of the world before I grab my copy. Being a lifelong X-Men fan, I found Dark Phoenix to be nothing more than an insult and far from the climax I had expected to see from our heroic team of super powered mutants. What should have been a rival to Avengers Endgame turned into a challenger for disappointment of the year and deserves the scathing reviews it received. Should you wish to read my less than appreciative review you can do so here.

If you intend to grab a copy, I wish you well. However, if your still to watch this franchise travesty I’d recommend you wait until it drops into the bargain bin.


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