Pennywise Means Business in the Spine-Chilling New Poster for IT: Chapter Two

After twenty-seven years the killer clown is desperate to settle the score…

The unsettling teaser trailer for IT: Chapter Two was downright creepy. A terrifying appetiser for the main event. And last night at San Diego Comic-Con fans lucky enough to be attending the Scare Diego panel were treated to the haunting new trailer which reveals Pennywise at his most terrifying.


This trailer is jam-packed with nerve-shredding and nightmarish tropes designed to scare the pants off you and for all intents and purposes, it does not disappoint. The adult members of the “Losers Club” are back in Derry for a reunion which is destined to be ruined by the seething, vengeful clown they helped to defeat some twenty-seven years previously.

Check it out:

And if you needed reminding, here’s the synopsis:

Because every 27 years evil revisits the town of Derry, Maine, “IT: Chapter Two” brings the characters—who’ve long since gone their separate ways—back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events of the first film. James McAvoy (“Split,” upcoming “Glass”) stars as Bill, Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty,” “Mama”) as Beverly, Bill Hader (HBO’s “Barry,” “The Skeleton Twins”) as Richie, Isaiah Mustafa (TV’s “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments”) as Mike, Jay Ryan (TV’s “Mary Kills People”) as Ben, James Ransone (HBO’s “The Wire”) as Eddie, and Bill Skarsgård returning in the seminal role of Pennywise. Andy Bean (“Allegiant,” Starz’ “Power”) plays Stanley, and reprising their roles as the original members of the Losers Club are Jaeden Martell as Bill, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley, Sophia Lillis as Beverly, Finn Wolfhard as Richie, Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben, Chosen Jacobs as Mike, and Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie.

Pennywise Means Business in the Spine-Chilling New Poster for IT: Chapter Two

This chilling new trailer looks damn cool. I wasn’t bowled over by the last instalment in the franchise, but I am more than willing to take my seat for this horrifying last chapter. Pennywise is seriously hacked off at the Losers Club and his bitter quest for revenge appears to be pulling out all the stops to have us biting our fingernails and gripping the seat cushions for dear life once the lights go down.

Bring it on!

IT: Chapter Two makes us float too on September 6th.


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