October 1, 2023
Marvel Legends Review | The Grandmaster And Korg (Thor Ragnarok)

Thomas heads to the planet Sicar for a rendezvous with Korg and the Grandmaster

For the 80th anniversary of Marvel, Hasbro is releasing plenty of double action figure packs and they are finally reaching European shores! First up are The Grandmaster and Korg.

I previously reviewed the Grandmaster figure, you can read all about it here. This new figure is exactly the same except for the head sculpt and that’s what I’ll be reviewing here. It’s spot on Jeff Goldblum once again but this time with a neutral expression, it doesn’t fit as well as the smiling expression for such a character but it’s still good.

Marvel Legends Review | The Grandmaster And Korg (Thor Ragnarok)

Now for Korg, he’s a massive figure, just as tall as S.H. Figuarts Thanos from Avengers Endgame and just as thick too! He’s been carefully sculpted with an amazing rock effect on his skin and nice details on his armor!

Marvel Legends Review | The Grandmaster And Korg (Thor Ragnarok)

He has 23 points of articulation, it’s perfect for action poses!

One complaint about this figure – the weapon, it’s slightly bent like it can happen sometimes with Hasbro accessories!


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Final Thoughts:

If you didn’t get the exclusive SDCC figure of The Grandmaster now is your chance to get him. And if you already have him, this pack is your opportunity to get Korg so anyway, this pack is worthy of your attention!


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