Annlyel calls for the long-overdue big-screen return of Green Lantern

Green Lantern. He’s a pretty popular DC Comics hero, isn’t he? I mean, we saw Green Lantern-like individuals in Justice League. Remember that one awesome scene in Justice League where we got to see an army of epic heroes fighting Steppenwolf in a super CGI-ridden scene that was pretty mind-blowing visually? Well, that’s as close as Green Lantern has been to have a presence in the DCEU. And for good reason.

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We all remember the last time Green Lantern was on the big screen. It was 2011, Ryan Reynolds was making his superhero debut as Green Lantern…the movie’s reception wasn’t pretty. The movie cost $200 million to make. It only made $219 million worldwide, meaning its profit was only $19 million. The film garnered a dismal 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a 45% rating from the audience.

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Since the hero’s lackluster big-screen performance Green Lantern’s been avoided like the plague in superhero cinema. And yet, the DCEU was able to bring one of the most picked-on heroes to life in Aquaman.

Aquaman, debuting in Batman vs. Superman briefly and playing a sizable role in Justice League, got his own film and the movie did very well. It received a mediocre 66% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 74% rating by the audience. But here’s the wow factor. The movie would go on to earn $1.148 billion dollars at the box office as it capitalized on a Star Wars-less Christmas season, becoming the highest-grossing DCEU film so far. Yeah, Aquaman did that.

Aquaman Featured

Green Lantern is just as ridiculed for being considered a comedically bad superhero but it’s about time this character is highlighted on the big screen in an epic light.

Think about Shazam!, a movie that seemed doomed to fail from the start, but would go on to garner a 90% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Unfortunately, the film couldn’t drive people to the box office so it would end up snagging an average $365 million…on a $100 million budget, which is impressive considering the superhero’s lesser-known status.

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So, come on DC Extended Universe. Aquaman was turned into a billion-dollar success. Shazam of all superheroes had a fun movie whose sequel and spinoff, Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson, are eagerly awaited. Let’s see Green Lantern get the long-awaited love that he deserves.


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1 thought on “Will Green Lantern Ever Get His Long-Awaited Revival on the Big Screen?

  1. Green Lantern was groovy. In the Comic book. Hal Jordan, and his magic ring. It had to be re-charged every 24 hrs. and it would not work on anything yellow.

    One of things I really enjoyed about Green Lantern is the just-plain-INTERESTING villians that he fought against. Such as:
    Black Hand
    Star Sapphire
    Hector Hammond
    Dr. Polaris –and others.

    “In Brightest day, in blackest night,
    no evil shall escape my sight,
    let those who worship evils might
    BEWARE MY POWER, Green Lantern’s light!”
    A movie would be kewl, if they would stick to how things were in the comic book and not try to “improve” it by “modernizing” it for today.

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