S.H. Figuarts Rescue Avengers Endgame Review

Thomas reviews the new Rescue action figure from Tamashii Nations

Building upon its stellar Avengers Endgame line, Tamashii Nations’ S.H. Figuarts collection has released its Pepper Potts/Rescue figure!


It comes with a Pepper Potts headsculpt, 10 interchangeable hands, an interchangeable back with the ailerons opened, the Nano drone, a Nano drone support to attach on the back, and 3 firing drone effects.


The Pepper Potts headsculpt is the first one Figuarts has created. For a first, it’s good and better than the Hasbro one so I’m sure the next one if there is a next one, will be spot on. They used good blond color and not a mustard one like it happened to blond characters before.


Unlike the Iron Man figures, this one doesn’t have die-cast parts, only plastic but the paint used makes it feel metallic so it works just fine. It has beautiful blue paint that is similar to the one in the movie unlike the blue/purple-ish from the Marvel Legends one. It is a great sculpt!

It has 32 points of articulation so you can get it in all the action poses you want.

The nano drone accessory is awesome, you can either attach it to the back of the figure with the support piece or she can hold it in her hands or you can attach it to a Figuarts stand, it all depends on which scene you want to recreate!


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Final Thoughts

The definitive 6-inch figure of Rescue. It’s a great one with some really cool accessories and a good headsculpt of Pepper Potts!


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