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“In The Heights is an empowering celebration of the Hispanic community with joyful songs that will make you sing and dance all summer long”

In The Heights is based on the stage musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes. This adaptation is directed by John M. Chu, the director of Crazy Rich Asians. Originally planned for a June 2020 release, it was later delayed due to the pandemic. If you live in the US, you can either watch it in cinemas or on HBO Max for one month. The international rollout started on June 9 and will last all Summer.


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After watching Hamilton on Disney+ last year, I had high hopes for In The Heights. Lin-Manuel Miranda is great at musicals and John M. Chu knows how to direct feel-good empowering stories. And I wasn’t disappointed! The same way Crazy Rich Asians told an empowering and powerful story for Asian people, In The Heights does it for Hispanic people. It tells their struggles, their dreams, it tells what it means to be a Hispanic immigrant in the United States. It tells their stories.

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In The Heights is a celebration of community. Indeed, it sends a strong message to be proud of who you are and to celebrate and defend your heritage. Beyond a celebration about the Hispanic community, it’s also a call to believe in your dreams and fight for them. That’s what so beautiful about this movie. It’s a big spectacle that will cheer you up. It’s perfect for the Summer. But it’s also more than that. It also has a lot to say.


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It’s a musical so the songs play an integral part in telling the story and expressing what the characters feel. In The Heights does that beautifully! Some really joyful songs will make you want to dance and sing while watching the movie. You’ll dance and sing all summer long.

That’s the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda, he has an incredible talent for musicals. He knows how to bring the modern touch and energy. His songs are quite special because they often require a lot of singing/speaking. And it’s melodious. To go with his songs, you get a lively choreography!


You need catchy songs for a musical but you also need a cast who can sing. In The Heights got exactly that! Everyone in the cast is great.

Anthony Ramos who had already played Usnavi in the stage musical reprises his role in this movie. He’s puts so much heart into his singing and acting. He’s a revelation. I truly hope Hollywood gives him more lead roles because he truly deserves them!

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As a big fan of Jimmy Smits, I need to mention him. He really got some good moves. I only wish we heard more of his singing because he has a smooth singing voice that I love!  And finally a special shout out to Olga Merediz who plays Abuela. She brings so much energy and joy, you can only love her!


In The Heights is an empowering celebration of the Hispanic community with joyful songs that will make you sing and dance all summer long. Anthony Ramos puts so much heart in his singing and acting, he’s a revelation!

In The Heights is distributed by Warner Bros. and is available on HBO Max in the United States and selected cinemas.


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