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In the fourth episode of the Star Wars: The High Republic Show, Krystina brings you the latest and greatest news from The High Republic

In the latest episode of the Star Wars: The High Republic Show, Krystina updates the High Republic timeline with all the latest and greatest events, learns all about Wayseeker Jedi, and takes a deep dive into the Jedi Council during this new era. Plus, we catch up with Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, Justina Ireland, Claudia Gray, and Daniel José Older on the topics of characters to look out for, Yoda’s baking recipes, and more.

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The High Republic - The Rising Storm

Be sure to check out our review of Cavan Scott’s new addition to The High Republic anthology “The Rising Storm”. Future reviews will be emerging from lightspeed quicker than the Millennium Falcon can make the Kessel Run. So maintain your orbit around Future of the Force and never miss a thing!

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