February 2, 2023
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 14 'War Mantle'

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 14 ‘War-Mantle’ was pretty good and sets up quite an exciting “final” battle.

The Bad Batch Episode 14 ‘War-Mantle’ was something of extreme anticipation of mine, due to its name. It shares the title of the in-universe Imperial operation that is really propelling the entire core of The Bad Batch series. The Empire is moving away from clone soldiers in favor of normal conscripted ones as replacements. This I perceive as a fatal flaw for the Empire because the “new” generation of Stormtroopers are inferior compared to the clones of Jango Fett. Regardless, the Empire is poised to continue and Admiral Rampart is leading the charge.



Rampart is a typical, double-crossing, cold Imperial. And he has no qualms about discarding the Kaminoans when they no longer prove to be useful. Honestly, Lama Su was in bed with the Sith the whole time, so I have little sympathy for him. Yet I also see how xenophobic the early Empire is destined to be, as they will sterilize Geonosis in years to come, despite the Geonosians being the arbiters of the Death Star. Now it seems like it also won’t be a happy ending for the Kaminoans.

The Bad Batch Episode 14 War Mantle


Clone Force 99 gets a message from good ‘ole Rex in the middle of their transit. And he asks them to rescue a fellow clone on the jungle moon of Darro. Once again, Hunter is like “no” and Omega again, interjects her moral voice and convinces Hunter to go. This has become the norm throughout the entire season, and it can be a little tiring. Hunter does not like to take risks yet Omega follows her heart. It’s a very simple formula.

The Bad Batch Episode 14 War Mantle

The clones infiltrate the jungle moon base to rescue the wayward clone. And they soon learn the place is staffed with non-clone soldiers. Yet, they insist on hitting all of them with stun settings? Originally, I thought they stunned the enemy because they didn’t want to kill their “brothers”. But these guys aren’t clones so there really should be no discretion. The Stun halo aren’t as fun to see flying as regular blaster bolts. And I must remind myself that this show is for kids, and tones down the violence.

The Bad Batch Episode 14 War Mantle


The extraction is pretty standard, but I was surprised at the identity of the clone they are rescuing. I almost thought it was Fives, seemingly back to life. But in hindsight, the real identity is not that unfeasible. I like how Clone Force 99 is smart with tactics, though, not putting all their eggs in one basket, and going all-in as a team. Leaving Wrecker and Omega on the ship as backup is an excellent idea and soon proves key to their survival.

The Bad Batch Episode 14 War Mantle

The pick-up doesn’t go as planned, and we see the Force has to make a difficult decision, but they’ll be back. They never leave a brother behind, and I mean that in the strictest, non-slang-like sense of the world. I am also EXTREMELY curious as to the fate of the Kaminoans, as it is implied that they will be partially eradicated. I hope the final two episodes, wraps that thread up nicely, as it will be a big turning point in early Imperial history.

Lama Su Prime Minister of Kamino


So all around, this episode was pretty good and sets up quite an exciting “final” battle.

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