Hot Toys Artillery Stormtrooper The Mandalorian Review

“The Hot Toys Artillery Stormtrooper is a great addition to the line. I love the color pattern on this trooper ! I definitely recommend it even though I wish it came with more accessories.”

Hot Toys has released another Stormtrooper to add to your collection from The Mandalorian! So grab your tracking fobs and head for Tython to check out the Imperial Artillery Stormtrooper!

Hot Toys Artillery Stormtrooper


As usual with Star Wars collectables, you have the usual box design. It’s a black box with a picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo at the center. And you also have the colored strip, for The Mandalorian figures it’s an orange/brownish strip.


This figure doesn’t come with a lot of accessories, you get seven hands, two grey thermal detonators, one N-20 baradium-core thermal detonator, a backpack, a mortar, a display base and a sheet of plastic for an additional option for the display base.

Hot Toys definitely has a problem when it comes to Imperial Troopers. We never get enough accessories. An additional N-20 detonator would have been required. Indeed, if you choose to put the white detonator in the backpack, you’re missing one on the belt. And if you attach it on the belt, you’re missing one in the backpack. The backpack has three N-20 sculpted in it but they are not removable. It’s such a shame and a bit unusual coming from Hot Toys. Also, since it includes an hand that can hold a blaster, they could have included an E-11 blaster. I do think it should be included with every Imperial Trooper. I know we don’t see the Artillery Stormtrooper with one in The Mandalorian. Though, considering the price we pay, a few more accessories wouldn’t hurt.

Hot Toys Artillery Stormtrooper

Surprisingly, the display base is not the sandy one with footprints. It’s the basic interior Star Wars base with a sheet of paper recreating a sandy environment that you can put on it. I have to say it’s always nice when we get a different base than the footprints one for The Mandalorian figures.


It’s the same Stormtrooper design as the Squad Leader but with a different colors and a different weathering. I had missed on the Incinerator Stormtrooper so I didn’t want to miss this one. And I’m glad I picked him. I love the yellow/orange color for this trooper. It looks so good! I do hope we’ll see Artillery Stormtroopers again in some of the series. They have applied a little dirt effect all over the armor, so it still stays shiny but you can tell this trooper has been on the field. I like this!

The pauldron isn’t exactly the same as the pauldron of the Squad Leader, there are two wires inside that bent it. It’s accurate to how these pauldrons are in The Mandalorian. I love the Rogue One Stormtrooper helmet, the best Stormtrooper helmet in my opinion, so I appreciate that for The Mandalorian, they used the same helmet design. You can’t really tell on camera but in person, I love how green the lenses are, it looks great !

The undersuit is entirely made of fabric which means you can give him great action poses and you won’t have to worry about damaging your figure overtime. The pieces of armor can be moved to allow better articulation.


As a fan of The Mandalorian, it’s a great addition to that line of figures, I love the color pattern on this trooper! I definitely recommend it even though I wish it came with more accessories.

The Hot Toys Artillery Stormtrooper from The Mandalorian is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles and is available to pre-order NOW


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