December 8, 2023
South Park Season 25 Credigree Weed St. Patricks Day Special Review

The South Park Season 25 finale is absurdist-surreal South Park at its finest. A nice way to wrap up the season!

The South Park Season 25 finale was released on March 16th, 2022, and a day before St. Patrick’s Day. Therefore, as per the new norm of addressing current events, Trey Parker gave us a look at what St. Patrick’s Day is “like” in the 2022 climate. As a joke on a joke (so to speak), Randy Marsh’s new business rival Mr. Black is running a St. Patrick’s Day Special at his weed farm; “stealing” the idea from Randy. Randy is a full idiot in this episode – badgering his family to participate and dressing up like a leprechaun and aggressively heckling Mr. Black. He accuses Mr. Black of appropriating Irish culture, which he feels is wrong since he is black.

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On the surface, it may seem racist, yet cultural appropriation has emerged both ways in American society and is almost a double standard. Rapper Post Mallone put his hairs in cornrows and was accused of misappropriating African American culture. Yet Jay-Z (also a rapper) and his wife Beyonce have no problem acting “white” for Tiffany Diamonds. Nobody yells at them! Randy also goes on to say that St. Patty’s Day is the only holiday left to celebrate being “white”. This also addresses how white celebrities were “apologizing” for being white. And how everyone is trying to cancel white supremacy. Yet, there is nothing supremacist in being proud of being white and having a cultural holiday all for themselves!

South Park Season 25 Season Finale


The second part of the episode is a bit trickier to support because it addresses the Me-Too movement (which I am very supportive of.) Innocent Butters Scotch is super-excited to wear green for St. Patty’s Day and will give a playful, harmless pinch to anyone who doesn’t don that color. Unfortunately, he pinch’s a girl and is arrested for sexual assault. Butters didn’t mean any harm but incriminates himself further by saying “She had it coming because of what she was wearing”. He meant not green. But this is symbolism for the misogynistic culture of inappropriately touching women due to the lure of revealing and skimpy outfits. Some guys claim “If you don’t want attention. Don’t dress like a skank.”

While inappropriate touching is NOT okay, it IS hypocritical to dress proactively and expect men to NOT look at them. Heterosexual men are like a dog with a bone (literally) and it is hardwired in our brains to check out women.

South Park Season 25 Season Finale


Butters is put in an interrogation room, and a female lawyer with an absurdly large bust comes in to represent him. She is not wearing green, so Butters, frothing at the mouth, asks if she could at least put on some green lipsticks. Yes, I get it. Some men can be pigs. But you also have to remember that there are women who go too far extreme and are constantly on the alert to demonize men. There is so much to unpack here, and I didn’t even get into the Irish jokes! Randy’s behavior once again steals the show, and his calling his son from jail and asking him to help with the St. Patrick’s Day special, and flatly saying he doesn’t care had me in stitches. The end of the episode is absurdist-surreal South Park at its finest, and yeah maybe St. Patrick’s Day is just a day to forget about race and get drunk and party.


This is indeed the Season finale, and it’s rather sad that we only got 6 episodes. Yet, we shouldn’t look a gift-horse in the mouth and cherish the laughs. Season 26 will come. I am sure of it. Anyway, this episode is a solid A. Nice way to wrap up the season.


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