February 6, 2023
NECA Jaws Matt Hooper Figure

Get ready to jump into your shark cage because NECA has unveiled our first look at the new JAWS Matt Hooper 8″ action figure

Those naughty toy minions at NECA are at it again! They have released new details and images for an all-new 8″ clothed action figure of Matt Hooper from Steven Spielberg’s JAWS. Richard Dreyfuss’ young oceanographer is one of the most beloved characters in cinema history, so when NECA announces a new action figure version we stand up and take notice.

NECA Jaws Matt Hooper

The new figure is based on the iconic shark cage sequence where Hooper encounters Bruce the Shark one on one. It comes with a diving suit, flippers, spear, underwater light, knife, and oxygen tank. And more importantly, a swappable head featuring a wonderful likeness to Richard Dreyfuss. But don’t take my word for it. Read on for the full details and explore our image gallery:


Jaws is considered one of the greatest achievements in film, paving the way for what would become the summer blockbuster. NECA is excited to announce a new 8″ clothed figure featuring the licensed likeness of Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper from the 1975 classic. Based on the shark cage scenes, standing at 8″ tall, the young oceanographer is equipped with screen-accurate accessories (flippers, spear, underwater light, knife, and oxygen tank) as well as swappable heads.

Window box packaging. Estimated Shipping: September 2022



As you can see from the release notes above, the figure is estimated to release sometime in September. Sadly, as of press time, NECA is yet to confirm a retail price set for the figure. But fear not Jaws fans, as soon as we hear more, we’ll update the post.

Will you be adding the new Shark Cage Matt Hooper Jaws figure to your NECA collection? Sound off below. We’d love to hear from you.


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