January 29, 2023

Phantom of the Idol sends Niyodo and Yoshino on a contest against other Idols. As you can expect, this is another entertaining episode offering great comedy.”

It is time for our weekly trip to the world of Idols with the latest episode of Phantom of the Idol. So what happens in this week’s episode?


ZINGS are again on the front stage. Last week, they took part in a big concert gathering popular all-men Idols group. This time, they are at a contest of beautiful all-men Idols group. It is a fun version of the Olympic games but for Idols. They have to take part in different activities that includes races, treasure hunt, meeting fans and battles … Phantom of the Idol surely knows how to deliver comedy!

I always love seeing the dynamic between Niyodo and Yoshino. Despite how shy Yoshino is, he knows how to overcome his fears and to give the best of himself. On the other hand, Niyodo is almost like a ghost. He is lazy by nature but the pressure from Setouchi does not help either. During the race, he simply does not make any effort. But meeting the fans beats everything else. Yoshino is so caring and loving. While, Niyodo barely utters any words and has no recollection of what the fans are mentioning. Yet, he charms a new fan by saying something so random. That is still a success but an unexpected one.

Things do change when Asahi takes control. And just like during the fan meeting, she creates frenzy among the fans when she has Niyodo share a tender moment with Yoshino. This has to be the highlight of the episode because the fans reaction is so hilarious, add to that Yoshino’s priceless reaction to what is happening.


After being introduced last week, CGrass is now playing a secondary role in the series especially its leader Setouchi Hikaru. He was already creepy in episode 5 but in this episode it is on a whole new level. Indeed, we learn more about him and he is actually quite scary and intense. There are a lot of words that can describe him. Though, I think the best words to sum up who is would either be a creep or a stalker.

He seems so nice and charming with people but he is not like that at all. As soon as he is alone with Niyodo, he becomes so annoying and mean. The intensity of how he behaves with Niyodo and when he talks about Asahi actually turns into a laughing matter. It is so ridiculous. Right now, he is the character we hate. However, I think as the story delves deeper into the character and his motivations, we may come to understand him and appreciate him a little more.


Once again, the end credits are not the usual ones. This time, it focuses on CGrass. Obviously, these Idols are singing their own song ‘Innocent Story.’ It is a rather calm song. So I do not think it was the best choice after such an energetic episode. The song itself is not bad but it is when they decided to use that does not work.

However, after the end credits, the super fans at the bar finally return for their usual post credits scene. I have been waiting for this to happen! It is a short scene but quite funny. These fans have no idea of who really is the new fan they think they admire. I am looking forward to see their reaction when they finally find out!


Phantom of the Idol sends Niyodo and Yoshino on a contest against other Idols. As you can expect, this is another entertaining episode offering great comedy.

Phantom of the Idol is now streaming on ADN and HIDIVE.


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