September 21, 2023
Hot Toys Review | Koska Reeves (Star Wars: The Mandalorian)

“Koska Reeves is an amazing figure with a spot on headsculpt. It’s a worthy addition to your Mandalorian collection.”

Another Mandalorian has joined the ranks of Hot Toys figures. Koska Reeves was released recently, completing the trio (Bo-Katan, Axe Woves) of Night Owls from The Mandalorian: Season 2. But does the figure capture the likeness of Mercedes Varnado? Or can we add this to the disappointment pile? Let’s find out.

Hot Toys Review | Koska Reeves (Star Wars: The Mandalorian)


The box is your usual Star Wars collectibles box – black with a promotional picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. Figures from The Mandalorian have an orange/brownish colored strip. In terms of accessories, you get exactly what’s needed for this figure and there’s even a backdrop! The display base is the same as Bo-Katan, it’s a nice grid base. Except this one doesn’t come with a guardrail. The stand is a dynamic one so be careful with that. Then, she has seven hands – two fist hands, two hands to hold her guns, two open hands, and one gesture hand.

As for the weapons, she comes with a classic Mandalorian WESTAR-35 blaster pistol. It’s nicely painted with different shades of grey. She also has an E-22 reciprocating double-barreled blaster rifle that she took from the Imperials in Chapter 11 of The Mandalorian. It’s a rifle that was first used by the Imperial Shoretroopers.

Plus, she has the usual Mandalorian accessories. There is a flamethrower effect and a grappling hook that can both be inserted into the wrist armor. The two thrusters’ effects can be attached to the jetpack. Though, be careful when removing them as the jetpack itself is not detachable like for Bo-Katan.

Finally, there is the background. It represents the exterior of an Imperial Gozanti Class Cruiser. You can recreate the scene where the Mandalorians attack the cruiser. Axe Woves and Bo-Katan both come with similar backgrounds. Obviously, nothing can top the background we got with Luke from The Mandalorian but this is still an excellent background.


Since Koska Reeves is a Night Owl too, the figure uses the same mold as Bo-Katan with slight changes. I love the weathering and battle damage scratches all over the armor, it brings out the warrior vibe. Despite all the weathering, the blue of the armor still shines. Hot Toys has done fine work with this figure.

The boots are two separate pieces that allow feet articulation. However, it uses pleather for the upper part so I have to say don’t try to pose the feet in a way that would damage the pleather over time. The belt and holster also use pleather. Koska has only one blaster pistol so she has only one holster. The blaster can easily be put in the holster and removed.

The undersuit is made of fabric so you can go all in with poses. Though, I need to say that like Bo-Katan and the Armorer, Koska has limited elbow articulation since the joint is a single one instead of a double. This limits the poses for the arms. Nevertheless, I still think you can get great poses with this figure. As usual with helmets that have an antenna, the antenna can move.


The headsculpt was made by Jeong Dain and painted by JC Hong. This is another incredible headsculpt. It looks just like Mercedes Varnado! They perfectly captured the likeness of the actress. They gave her a serious expression which works for the character. On top of that, the sculpt for the hair is impressive with the braids on top of her head and her forehead. Now that we have all these newly announced figures coming with separate rolling eyeballs, I wish Koska had that feature too. Other than that, the headsculpt is everything you could have hoped for. In terms of articulation, the neck, and the head are two separate pieces, giving it a wider articulation range.



Koska Reeves is an amazing figure with a spot on headsculpt. It’s a worthy addition to your Mandalorian collection.

Sideshow Collectibles distribute the Hot Toys Koska Reeves in Europe and the United States!


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