October 4, 2023

The Beanie Bubble, starring Zach Galifianakis and Elizabeth Banks will be able to watch from July 28th on Apple TV+.

The Beanie Bubble, which is premiering on Apple TV+ on July 28th, is a film about those cuddly toys we all started to collect in 1993. These plush toys were invented by H. Ty Warner, an American entrepreneur. They are stuffed with plastic pellets, also known as “Beans,” instead of the typical filling. The toys come in various shapes, primarily animals, and have become a favourite among collectors. Some models are even purchased as an investment because of their high resale worth.

The movie tells the story of how they came to be. It stars Zach Galifianakis, Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Snook, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Tracey Bonner. Kristin Gore and Damian Kulash Jr. directed the film and Kristin Gore also wrote the screenplay. Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Karen Lunder produced the movie, while Zach Galifianakis and Douglas S. Jones served as executive producers.



Why did the world suddenly treat stuffed animals like gold? Ty Warner was a frustrated toy salesman until his collaboration with three women grew his masterstroke of an idea into the biggest toy craze in history. “The Beanie Bubble” is an inventive story about what and who we value, and the unsung heroes whose names didn’t appear on the heart-shaped tag.

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The Beanie Bubble premieres on Apple TV+ on July 28th.

Were you or are you a Beanie Babies collector? Will you be watching the film? Are you interested in learning how they came to be? Head down to the comments section to let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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