Black Series Review | Grand Moff Tarkin

The great Peter Cushing is finally immortalised for fans of the Black Series.

Star Wars Fans have waited a long time for a 6inch Grand Moff Tarkin but it’s finally here! Released alongside the new Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, this figure is part of the new line of action figures produced with the improved neck articulation and the digital print tech.

Black Series Grand Moff Tarkin Review

This figure of Tarkin is super realistic. They have produced a superb sculpt that really looks like Peter Cushing and thanks to the digital technology, they were able to get the paint app right. It’s an impressive figure! And the digital tech is able to give us older characters that give a true representation of their age unlike The Force Awakens Leia Organa action figure.

The Figure:

For the body, they used the same sculpt as Director Krennic’s figure with the exception of the hands, these are new. What’s disappointing is that his left hand is in position to hold a blaster but the only accessory this figure comes with is the interrogation droid from A New Hope. A little blaster would have been appreciated. To go back to the outfit, it’s screen accurate with the right colors. On my figure, there are two paint app errors on the rank plaque but nothing too apparent or major. That’s what Hasbro needs to improve upon next – the paint app on the bodies, to erase little mistakes like this.

Up Close:

This figure has 18 points of articulation.

As for the accessory, the interrogation droid is nice – good paint app and screen accurate. They even included a stand for this droid.


Final Thoughts:

Tarkin is an impressive figure with an amazing likeness to the great Peter Cushing. Now that they have a great template for the Imperial Officers, you can expect more to be released.

Black Series Grand Moff Tarkin Review

There’s already a fourth being released this June -Executor Commander, Admiral Piett!

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