December 7, 2022
Justice League Review | Aquaman MAFEX (Medicom)

Unite the Seven Seas with the Justice League Aquaman action figure from MAFEX (Medicom)

Hot on the heels of Batman, Superman, Flash, Tactical Suit Batman and Cyborg, Aquaman is the latest member of the Justice League to be released as an action figure by MAFEX and it doesn’t disappoint. With their Justice League line, MAFEX has released the best 6inch figures of 2018 and this new one can definitely be added to the list as well!

Aquaman comes with 8 interchangeable hands, his trident, the Atlantean Mother Box and two interchangeable heads along with the basic figure stand. The lower part of the trident is removable so you just have to slip it into the appropriate interchangeable hands.

Justice League Review | Aquaman MAFEX (Medicom)

The two head sculpts are out of this world! It’s Jason Momoa but in the 6inch size. They went with one neutral expression and the other an angry expression and it works really well. I love what they did with the hair, it has two different shades of color. They even managed to produce accurate neck tattoos!

Up Close:

It’s a very complex suit, especially with the multilayered scales built into the armor but MAFEX totally nailed it and have produced a highly detailed and impressive figure. For the shoulder protections, they are attached to the arms and have a point of articulation to allow for better pose-ability. The rest of the figure has 26 points of articulation, how epic is this?


Final Thoughts:

I can only recommend this one, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it, it’s a very impressive addition to any DC Universe action figures collection and only enhances the Justice League MAFEX range.
Will you be adding Aquaman to your collection? Drop us a line and share your thoughts.


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