December 10, 2023
We're Not In Hawkins Anymore | The Stranger Things 4 Teaser has Arrived

Stranger Things 4 is reportedly concluding the series in epic fashion

With the cliffhanger ending of Stranger Things 3 still fresh in our minds, all eyes are on Netflix to deliver the next chapter in the Hawkins supernatural saga and the streaming giant is not about to disappoint us. Debuting across multiple social media channels, the teaser trailer for Stranger Things 4 has been unleashed and it hints at the battle to save Hawkins taking a dark and sinister turn.

The traditional Stranger Things logo emerges from the darkness until it consumed by the creeping evil found within the upside-down. Check it out:

I don’t know about you, but I loved Stanger Things 3. The series took on a whole new dimension with the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” vibe and with Hopper seemingly lost in the climactic battle the fourth and reportedly final season looks set to be a spectacular send-off. The series had been expected to run for up to five seasons, however, with its young stars fast becoming adults, the essence of the youngsters vs the forces evil narrative is deteriorating by the day.

Could the fourth and final season drag us all into the depths of the upside-down to encounter the true villain of the series? Only time will tell. But with the dark and foreboding tone of the trailer still haunting our thoughts, season four looks set to become the best yet.


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