November 26, 2022
Movie Review | Joker

Move aside Deadpool, Todd Phillips’ “dangerous” character study of Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime is the new king of the R-Rated box office!

Put on a happy face, don your dancing shoes and strut down the staircase with glee because Todd Phillips’ Joker has achieved the impossible and has become the first R-Rated movie EVER to cross the $1 billion dollar threshold.

Movie Review | Joker

Joker’s lucrative return also marks just the fourth time a Warner Bros. film has crossed the billion-dollar threshold, the last being James Wan’s underwater spectacular, Aquaman which swam into our hearts last Christmas. All the more impressive is the fact that Joker represents the first movie in 2019 aside from Marvel or Disney properties to break the barrier. And all that from a film produced for the modest sum of just $62.5 million dollars.

Not too shabby.


Personally, I loved Joker. I found the disturbing change of pace to be an absolute breath of fresh air. It was a complete contrast to Avengers Endgame which brought the Infinity Saga to a close in a blaze of glory. Arthur Fleck’s slow descent into madness was as unsettling as it was unmissable and I’m delighted to see audiences flocking to experience it. Hopefully, this will encourage studios everywhere to be a little more daring when it comes to their upcoming slate of blockbusters.

Let’s hope awards season reflects the box office gate receipts and Joaquin Phonix and director Todd Phillips are rewarded for their efforts in kind.


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