December 4, 2023
Review | Star Trek (2009) U.S.S. Enterprise Eaglemoss

Carl goes where no one has gone before and gets hands-on with the Star Trek: Official Starships Collection U.S.S Enterprise from Eaglemoss

The Eaglemoss U.S.S. Enterprise is emerging from warp speed.

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday. (I turned 50). To make this birthday that extra bit special, my family decided to treat me to something that would blow me away. They gave me the Eaglemoss/Hero Collector U.S.S Enterprise from the 2009 reboot of Star Trek.


To say I was blown away and in love, with the model of the ship from the second I received it would be an understatement. It is amazing! From the very second, I opened the box, removed the polystyrene covering, and looked at it, I was hooked. The sheer beauty of the model is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

Every aspect of the ship, from her warp nacelles and deflector dish to her impulse engines, are here in glorious detail. Every decal that features on the ship is represented in full and perfect detail. Of course, I adore the ship’s name and number embossed on the top of her saucer section. I always have and here, it is wonderous. Her identification number is embossed along the side of her warp nacelles and underneath the main body. And it brings that authentic look to the model.


The model comes with a stand, ready to be put together and placed lovingly on display. The stand is simple and easy to put together. And thankfully, the stand supports the model extremely well. And when combined, it makes the vessel stand out incredibly well. It almost makes it look like the ship is warping through space.

When I first saw the new design of the Enterprise in the ‘Kelvin’ timeline, I was slightly unconvinced and unsure how to feel about her. That lasted for all of thirty seconds before I fell in love with her all over again. How could I not? It’s the Enterprise! Despite her different designs, she is still the ship I fell in love with over forty years ago. And here, she is once again a joy to behold, a beauty of a Starship, my beloved Enterprise.


Eaglemoss and Hero Collector have done an amazing job with this model. My joy at opening her up and displaying her hasn’t abated ever since she was in my hands. There are more ships in the range and it’s expanding all the time. If you’re unsure about getting your personal favorite, let me reassure you. The love and attention to detail that has gone into bringing us these delightful icons of the ‘Star Trek‘ universe are beyond reproach.


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I’m already planning to add to my collection. With my eyes firmly on the U.S.S Enterprise-A, the U.S.S Enterprise-E, the Klingon Battle Cruiser, and Bird Of Prey. Plus many more that make up the range. Of course, the U.S.S Discovery is also on my radar.


If you’re like me, and you love the ships from every incarnation of the franchise, then you can’t go wrong by collecting these things of beauty. To overlook them would be highly illogical.

“Arm Phasers! Fire everything we got!”

The Star Trek (2009) U.S.S. Enterprise is produced by Eaglemoss Collections/Hero Collector is available to buy NOW!

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