December 9, 2022
Future State Superman Of Metropolis #1 Review

Steve takes a detour to explore Superman Of Metropolis. The new issue from the DC Comics Future State initiative

Superman Of Metropolis is another book set in DC’s Future State universe and looks at an alternate future with an alternate Superman! Like Robin Eternal, this story, written by Sean Lewis and drawn by John Temms, is set in an alternate future created due to the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal.

Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1

In this story, the mantle of Superman has been taken up by Jonathan Kent. The son of the original protector of Metropolis.  Superman, that is, Clark Kent is not present.  There isn’t any indication of where he is or where he has been.  We just know that Jonathan has been Superman for about 10 years.  We not only get an alternate version of Superman in this one, but we also get an alternate version of Brainiac.  Named Brain Cells, he serves as the book’s main antagonist.



The story kicks off with Superman at odds with the US Army as the latter prepares to launch an attack on Metropolis in order to take Brain Cells into custody. This is because he has, more or less, taken control of most of the city’s inhabitants. Superman shrinks the city and takes off for the Fortress of Solitude to escape the clutches of Brain Cell.  Upon reaching the Fortress, he is met by another unexpected foe.

I enjoyed Lewis’s approach to Jonathan Kent as Superman.  He writes him in a way that, although he has been at the job for several years, he still has a lot to learn about being a hero.  I also like the fact that the writer remembers that Jonathan is part human. And thus makes him less invincible than the original Man of Steel.



Unlike in Robin Eternal. I feel like the stage could have been set a little better to explain the state of affairs in Metropolis.  We don’t get much background information at the beginning of this one.  It leaves some questions unanswered. Such as where is Superman?  Why did he leave? And what has happened to Metropolis? That being said, Lewis did a good job with the writing and I am looking forward to seeing where the rest of this story goes.

Future State: Superman Of Metropolis #1 is published by DC Comics and is available to buy NOW!


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