“This week’s episode of Trigun Stampede continues with the revelations for an emotionally packed story while also delivering brutal action with Million Knives.”

Last week’s episode of Trigun Stampede focused on Vash’s past and ended with him about to confront Million Knives. Today’s episode follows up on last week’s flashback revealing the rest of the two brothers’ past.


The title of this episode is ‘Million Knives,’ the name of the main villain so it only makes sense that the episode starts with him. We see him just moments before the end of episode 8. It leads us to the moment Vash arrives to confront him. Each of Knives appearance is special. He is a Darth Vader type of villain. He is feared and overpowered. And more importantly, we don’t see him often but when we do, he means trouble. Once again, he doesn’t hold back in this episode. In fact, members are severed, blood is spilled intensely. You get the picture, the violence is unapologetically brutal.

In previous episodes, Knives only stated that he wanted to destroy humans but we finally learn his true motivations. He doesn’t simply want to destroy humans, he has more in mind. Indeed, he wants to get rid of them so that he can free the generator Plants and give them this planet. These Plants are used by mankind to create energy in order to survive. But in doing so, they harness these Plants. And that is not something Knives want to see. The opening scene only furthers his motivation since it proves him right. We see humans destroying Plants just to get all their energy instead of harnessing their energy reasonably.

A villain with motivations is a strong villain. Plus, if he only appears when needed, this is even better. This is exactly how you make memorable villains. And Million Knives is exactly that type of character.


As I said last week, this episode does show how Vash looses his arm. Obviously, it is Knives who cut it. But the most important thing in this scene is the why. Vash actually creates a black hole with his arm. He doesn’t know how he does it and why but this doorway surely interests Knives. If you recall in a previous episode, Knives already mentioned Vash and his doorway. Now we get to see it. And it makes no doubt that this is the key to everything. Though, Vash first needs to learn more about it and how to control it. Healing, appeasing the Plants was already a sign that Vash could do something and that he was far from useless. But, him creating this doorway/ black hole just proves that he can do more than he could imagine.


Moreover, the episode is not a flashback all the way through. In fact, the second part of the episode sends us back to the present. And to link the flashbacks to the current events, we see Vash’s new family again. They are older than when we first saw them but not that old. They have been able to keep themselves alive for 150 years thanks to cryogeny. These two characters act as the counterpoint to Knives ideology that all humans are bad. They have found a solution to have energy without destroying the Plants.

In addition, this episode has one more reveal. This one concerns the worms and why they are working with Million Knives. They prefer co-existing with the Plants rather than mankind. So, this episode and last week’s episode act as a transition in the series. It is full of reveals while also laying the ground for what comes next.


This week’s episode of Trigun Stampede continues with the revelations for an emotionally packed story while also delivering brutal action with Million Knives.

Trigun Stampede is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.


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