November 29, 2022
First Look | Medicom Toys Mafex Shazam Unveiled (Updated)

Medicom Unveils its action figure of Zachary Levi’s superhero sensation

It was only a matter of time!

Collectors around the world have been looking to Medicom, the premier manufacturer of quality action figures on the planet to produce an action figure version of Zachary Levi’s sensational superhero, Shazam. The prestigious Mafex range has made a name for itself thanks to its incredible and highly detailed action figures which included characters like Robocop, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, John Wick, Spider-Man and Boba Fett.

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With Shazam now playing in cinemas around the world, fans of the DC Universe have been speculating about when a Mafex version of the character would be announced, and thanks to the Miyazawa Model Spring Exhibition, we finally have our answer. Medicom used the opportunity to showcase several of its upcoming new releases which are scheduled for release throughout 2019 and beyond and amongst them was Shazam!
Placed alongside Fantastic Beasts’ Newt Scamander, another highly sought-after action figure Zachary Levi’s chiselled superhero glistened beneath the lights, and thanks to a recent official press release we are delighted to bring you our first look at this exceptional action figure.

First Look:

The quality of this figure is exceptional. In recent months, the Mafex range has been bolstered by a surge of new licences that include John Wick, Kingsman, Fantastic Beasts, Robocop and Alien, and towards the end of the year, the mighty X-Men will be making their debut. It is a testament to the manufacturer that so many of the biggest studios in the world are lining up to work with them and produce action figure incarnations of many of their most influential characters. For me, Mafex is unsurpassed in quality, and the more characters the company attracts to its banner the merrier.

Shazam is expected to hit retailers in early 2020 with pre-orders available now.


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