December 7, 2023
Star Ace Toys Medusa From Ray Harryhausen's Clash Of The Titans

Don’t lose your heads Ray Harryhausen fans because Medusa from Clash Of The Titans is coming to the Star Ace Toys X-Plus collection

Get ready to pay the Ferryman Ray Harryhausen fans because Star Ace Toys is taking us to the Isle of the Dead. The studio has confirmed that they have created an all-new soft vinyl figure of Medusa, the Gorgon from Ray Harryhausen’s iconic Clash Of The Titans. In the film, Perseus ventures to the Isle Of The Dead to slay Medusa and use her enchanted head to defeat the Kraken. The mission was perilous. Not only could one look from the Gorgon turn any living creature into stone, but the cursed former priestess of Aphrodite was also adept with a bow making any quest into the depths of her lair a death sentence.

Star Ace Toys Medusa Ray Harryhausen Statue


Medusa is one of Ray Harryhausen’s most beloved creations. So any collectible made in her image needs to live up to the hype. And from the looks of it, Star Ace Toys has stuck the landing here. The 12″ tall statue features Medusa holding a bow and arrow and a jarring face sculpt featuring her iconic scowl. But the fun doesn’t end there because just like the rest of the collection, Medusa will boast two versions to order. There is the Normal Version and the Deluxe Version. The latter offers the bonus of a wonderful diorama base featuring one of her unfortunate victims. Check out the image gallery below.


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Sadly, as of press time, Star Ace Toys is yet to confirm any definite release dates. Nor have they announced an expected retail price. But either way, a statue of this quality will be worth more than the toll to be paid to Charon the Ferryman. And given the craftsmanship of their Kraken, Bubo, and Pegasus, I’d say Medusa will effortlessly shoot straight to the top of every fan’s wishlist. Be sure to check back regularly because we’ll be updating the post with pre-order links as soon as they are available.

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Will you be risking the wrath of the gods by ordering Medusa when pre-orders open? Sound off below.


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