February 2, 2023
Hot Toys Nebula Avengers Endgame Review

The Hot Toys Nebula from Avengers Endgame is an awesome figure with a fantastic headsculpt and a beautiful outfit! I am glad I decided to pick this figure. It is so worth it!

After the latest round of new one-sixth scale figures, we are going back in time with the new Hot Toys Nebula figure from Avengers Endgame. But, is this figure worth a time heist? Let’s find out.


Hot Toys Nebula

Since it is an Avengers Endgame figure, the box is the same as other figures released from the movie. This means you have the usual promotional drawing of the character with the Avengers logo. For Nebula, the main color of the box is blue.


Hot Toys Nebula

Nebula comes with a good number of accessories. You get what you need for this version of the character. The display base is your usual Avengers Endgame base. Which means there is the logo of the character. For Nebula, it’s the Ravagers symbol as she is wearing one of their outfits. The main color on the base is purple. Though considering the box is mainly blue, I think they should have gone with blue instead. It is just a little detail, nothing important. The Avengers logo is painted in yellow. There is also the name of the movie and the name of the character. It is a simple base, nothing special.

Then, she has seven hands. There are four right hands and three mechanical hands. Each of these hands has been skillfully sculpted with nice metallic paint. You have two fist hands, two open hands, two hands to hold the batons, and one hand to hold the blaster.

Speaking of weapons, she has a blaster, I love the color of this weapon. The white is quite unusual but it really pops. She also has two long batons, they are both identical. They are all painted in gray with some nice detail. You can attach a lightning effect to each baton. It looks cool! Finally, she has a baton handle that you can attach to the back of her belt. It’s the same handle as the long batons.


Hot Toys Nebula

This figure was labeled as an Avengers Endgame figure. And she does wear this outfit at the beginning of the movie before the time jump. However, if they were to make an Avengers Endgame figure of Nebula, the outfit she wears for most of the movie would have made more sense. They should have labeled this one as from Avengers Infinity War or Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two. That’s not a complaint about the figure but just a remark about its release. The figure itself is great.

Hot Toys has accurately recreated Nebula’s Ravagers outfit. I decided to get this one because let’s be honest, we don’t know if Hot Toys will ever make a second figure of this character. Thus at least I have this one. Plus, I love this costume. And it fits with my Infinity War Star-Lord and Endgame Rocket. Indeed, they all have outfits with some red on them.


The boots are one piece of plastic so there is no foot articulation. This can be a bit problematic for action poses. This costume uses a lot of plastic leather and a certain type of fabric. Both of these materials can get damaged over time. Thus, I do not recommend leaving the figure in the same action pose for long periods. Personally, I am going to display her in a neutral pose. I do not want to take too many risks. I am only going to give her action poses for photography.

Surprisingly, the belt is using plastic with a paint app that gives a leather feel. The complaint I do have about the belt is that it’s really difficult to attach the holster. It took me five minutes to attach it. I don’t know why they did that. They should have it attached directly to the belt and not have us do it. At the back of the belt, as I said earlier, you can slip in the baton handle. And this is easy to do. I love how this outfit mixes different types of fabric with also different types of pleather and pieces of plastic. It is quite a complex outfit. The Ravagers badge with golden paint is a nice touch to this overall red outfit.


Just like the hands, the robotic arm is skillfully detailed. And even though, it is not diecast, the paint gives it a beautiful metallic feel. To limit the visible articulation, they only went with a single elbow joint instead of the usual double joint. They did that for Bucky Barnes as well. A visible single joint will not look as ugly as a double one. Honestly, with this, you can still get great action poses.

Hot Toys Nebula

As for the headsculpt, it was made by Taeho Kang and painted by JC Hong. You can recognize Karen Gillan there. In the same way that you can recognize her with makeup in the movies. This is an awesome headsculpt! Just like the robotic arm, the silver plates have a beautiful metallic feel. I am really happy with this headsculpt!

Now about the articulation, the head is separated from the rest of the body so there is a better articulation range. Nebula can look up, look down and look on each side.



This is an awesome figure with a fantastic headsculpt and a beautiful outfit! I am glad I decided to pick this figure. It is so worth it!

The Hot Toys Nebula from Avengers Endgame is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States. 


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