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Zack Snyder finally reveals all at DC FanDome. Check out the official trailer!

Well, there we have it! You wanted surprises? You got them! You wanted all the info? There you go! The Snyder Cut, considered to be the DC holy grail and something that has been denied for so long to even exist is coming at us and can’t get here soon enough. The build-up to this panel has been almost unbearable ever since the first piece of new footage, all twenty seconds of it dropped last month. We were promised almost all the news would drop at DC FanDome. And did we get it or what? Warner Bros. wanted a two-hour-long, much lighter movie with ‘Justice League‘ than it got with ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘ and after the tragic events that befell Zack and Deborah Snyder, That’s what they got with the reshoots from Joss Whedon. A Frankenstein movie stitched together from both versions which never did gel together. But now, thankfully, Snyder can bring us the version he always wanted to make.


The panel started with the cast of the film asking Snyder questions from the fans. The director revealed his favorite superhero was Dr. Manhatten from ‘Watchman‘ apart from Batman. He revealed that Cyborg is the character he’s looking forward to fleshing out in his definitive version of the film as the character is the heart of the movie. We will see more of The Flash. Gal Gadot thanked the director for all he has done for her when he cast her as Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins asked him was there anything he would reveal to the fans about the film without spoilers. He said something will be revealed about The Flash. Snyder then turned the panel on its head by asking questions himself. He started by asking a Chinese fan why she started the #ReleasetheSnydercut movement and she replied that after seeing the film released in 2017, she saw that the film didn’t contain a lot of Snyder’s visual flair and she started to question why that was. Another fan said he saw the theatrical version and realized it wasn’t up to scratch compared to Snyder’s standards and joined the movement to release the definitive version.


Snyder revealed the film will be in four one-hour parts and the film will be available around the world. And then we got the footage. And MY GOD! It was worth every minute waiting for it to drop. Check it out below in all its heart-stopping, breathtaking glory:

Justice League: The Snyder Cut hits us sometime in 2021.


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