The Suicide Squad DC FanDome

James Gunn reveals all at DC FanDome!

The Suicide Squad‘ managed to wrap up filming back in February before the coronavirus pandemic hit around the world. At the panel for the film, Director/Writer James Gunn revealed he has been hard at work with the film and continues to be. He stated that he enjoyed writing for Harley Quinn most of all and compares The Suicide Squad with the Dirty Dozen as both follow the same kind of story direction. Gunn answered the fans’ questions from around the world including who is playing who in the movie.


Idris Elba as Bloodsport


John Cena as Peacemaker n The Suicide Squad

Polka Dot Man

Polka Do




Ratcather 2

Ratcatcher in The Suicide Squad


Pete Davidson as Blackguard in The Suicide Squad



Thinker in The Suicide Squad


Weasel in The Suicide Squad

King Shark

King Shark - The Suicide Squad



Rick Flag

Amanda Waller

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad


Check out the official “Roll Call” teaser:


And if that isn’t enough to have you cooking up a fresh batch of laughing gas, the studio also revealed a behind-the-scenes teaser which you can catch below:


And check out the official poster:


The cast and crew had fun (mostly at Michael Rooker’s expense) during a fun question and answer team game. Some details of the storylines in the film were revealed including Bloodsport will be in prison for shooting Superman in the film. Warner Brothers are said to be extremely happy with the film at this moment


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