September 27, 2023

Hot Toys reveals new figures at ACGHK 2023!

UPDATE: this article has been updated with official pictures from Hot Toys.

The moment Hot Toys collectors have been waiting for is finally here! Earlier this week, Hot Toys unveiled a new wave of figures including an exclusive Anakin and Joker for their upcoming Summer Showcase. This year the showcase takes place at ACGHK (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong) and ChinaJoy in Shanghai. Both events start tomorrow. ChinaJoy ends on July 31th while ACGHK ends on August 1st.

Some local bloggers got an early access at ACGHK giving us our first look at some newly reveal figures. The Hot Toys booth features the figures announced at the beginning of the week, figures that were revealed at Sideshow Con but more importantly brand new figures. As usual with these events, keep in mind that not every new figure showcased will actually get released.

On the Star Wars side, we got our first look at the long-awaited Praetorian Guards from The Mandalorian season 3 along with a full look at Moff Gideon’s Mandalorian armor. The new Armorer figure also has her jetpack, the gun from the concept arts seen in the season 3 finale and Ragnar’s helmet. R5-D4 is featured with thrusters which are not present on The Book of Boba Fett version. We will have to wait and see if Hot Toys does release another version of this figure from The Mandalorian. The sandtrooper with his dewback, the two Covert Mandalorians, The Mandalorian (from season 2), IG-12, the Death Star Trooper, Grogu and the Anzellan are also displayed. And we have another look at the impressive new Anakin figure!

On the Marvel side, there is only one new reveal – Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster that is seen in Gamorra’s world from What If. However, we have an update on Spider-Man 2099. After the backlash received for doing a figure with full apparent joints, Hot Toys said they would update the figure with a full fabric costume. And we now have our first look at this update costume. On display, collectors can also find Loki and his throne, Iron Man (Comics and suit-up MARK VII), the Guardians of the Galaxy, MODOK along with the newly announced Spider-Man figures.

As for DC, there is also one new reveal – Young Barry from The Flash. The Joker is also on display.

Concerning other licenses, there are exciting reveals too! We got our first look at The Prey and the John Wick 4 figures that were teased but never fully revealed. The fact that Hot Toys is bringing back these John Wick figures is a good sign that they could actually be announced soon. Only time will tell. Finally, the recently announced Kamen Rider figures and Indiana Jones are on display along with the League of Legends figure.

Stay tuned if more reveals or announcements are made in the coming days.

SOURCE: Dragon Sim Collection and Hot Toys

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