December 8, 2022
The Black Series Review | Grand Admiral Thrawn (Star Wars: Rebels)

The master tactician of the Empire arrives to assume command of Hasbro’s Black Series range…

Today I’m reviewing the Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn figure. It’s not always easy to “transfer” an animated character into a realistic style but Hasbro just nailed it with this one (along with the other ones from Star Wars Rebels that have been revealed so far!). With this figure, they have produced a great conversion. Now I need to see him in a live-action TV series or movie!

Review - Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn

The Figure:

Despite the figure being manufactured before the introduction of the digital photo real paint app, the face has a great paint app that has me impressed! Hasbro always did a better job with aliens than humans with their old paint app facility and they have truly nailed it with this incarnation of the Chiss alien warrior.

Review - Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn 1

Human faces are far more difficult to render.  The raised eyebrow on this figure is the little detail that makes all the difference, it gives him his customary sinister and icy façade made famous in the Star Wars: Rebels TV Series.

Up Close:

Speaking of paint apps, the face may be impressive but the outfit has some unexpected and disappointing flaws, nothing major but it’s noticeable in some parts. Apart from that, I love the Imperial white command uniform, it’s more classy than the basic grey version of the traditional Imperial Navy, except when worn by the legendary Grand Moff Tarkin.

Review - Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn

In terms of accessories, this version of the figure only has one – the blaster. The blaster fits in the holster and in the hand of the figure nicely, no problems there. However, if you were lucky enough to get the SDCC exclusive you had plenty of additional accessories to enjoy, that one was really worth it!

Review - Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn

And here’s a picture for size comparison with the MAFEX Death Trooper from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Review - Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn

Final Thoughts:

Overall, it’s a great figure and worth buying for any Star Wars Rebels fans!


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