Solo: A Star Wars Story | Han Stands Trial For TIE Fighter Crash

Ahead of its release on home media – enjoy this deleted scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story

With Ron Howard’s superb Solo: A Star Wars Story arriving on our shelves in the coming days more and more deleted scenes are flooding the internet and revealing which incredible scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.


From the Corellian eel tank to the snowball fight on Mimban, these scenes have got the fans talking and now, Lucasfilm has unveiled the latest addition to the collection. This latest scene reveals Han Solo as an Imperial TIE Fighter pilot, struggling to make a controlled crash landing and suffering the indignity of standing trial for his failure to follow orders.


This awesome scene was cut from the final film but has been restored into the pages of the all-new and expanded novelisation from Mur Lafferty which adds a great deal of detail to the overall story.


The book is on sale now from Penguin Random House.


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