This First Look at Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker Is Super Disturbing

Joaquin Phoenix’s incarnation of the clown prince of crime is set to strike fear into the hearts of Gothamites everywhere!

Joaquin Phoenix has been one of my favorite actors ever since I first saw him in Gladiator for his disturbing portrayal of Commodus, the twisted son of Marcus Aurelius. Since then I haven’t really heard of him in any other groundbreaking roles but now he’s been given the task to portray one of the darkest villains in the DC Comics universe; The Joker.

Heath Ledger won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his unforgettable performance as the maniacal antagonist in The Dark Knight and now Joaquin Phoenix is destined to become the next memorable Joker with his own standalone film set to come out next October.

A few days ago pictures revealing the actor as the iconic villain were released and I have to admit, I’m already a bit spooked out.

This First Look at Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker Is Super Disturbing

This movie is set to follow a man named Arthur Fleck in the mid-1980s’ as he turns from failed comedian into the mass murderer known as The Joker. (He really won’t be funny then.) It’s a haunting tale and this face doesn’t make it any lighter.

This First Look at Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker Is Super Disturbing

Now, these pictures are supposedly revealing the character before he gets the permanent smile and red lips from falling in a chemical vat but the fact that I’m already scared is a bad (yet great) sign.

This First Look at Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker Is Super Disturbing

If you’re wondering about where this movie stands in the DCEU timeline like I was worry no more. This film stands completely alone from the other DCEU films in the same fashion that Venom sits apart from the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and I’m glad. I think with different minds behind this movie it can be as dark and gritty as it needs to be without being hindered by the DCEU brand.


The Joker was ultra-creepy in The Dark Knight but if the writing is as disturbing as the way The Joker looks in these pictures Joaquin Phoenix may just take the top spot of scariest Joker in cinema.



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