January 31, 2023

Will Richard Donner, Mel Gibson, and Danny Glover finally return for a final Lethal Weapon movie?

Over the years, there have been rumors flowing like rivers over the possibility that ‘Lethal Weapon 5‘ would be on the way. Despite these rumors, nothing has been confirmed or denied except for star Mel Gibson saying, at first, he wouldn’t be interested in returning to the franchise that relaunched his Hollywood Career before giving fans of the movies hope by saying he MAY be tempted to come back for one more movie. This was also repeated by Gibson’s co-star Danny Glover and director Richard Donner. If one person said no, then the three principals wouldn’t move forward.

Lethal Weapon 3 (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Then we heard that a fifth film was gearing up with the working title of ‘Lethal Finale‘ which would see Gibson and Glover return one final time and hand the reins over to two brand new characters to continue the franchise down the line. Again, everything went quiet on the possibility that the film would be made and after the TV series version which, for the first two seasons, concerned the characters of Riggs and Murtaugh ended, nothing more has been heard.

Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon 2 (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

That has changed again. While appearing on ‘Good Morning America‘ to promote his new film ‘Fatman‘, a Christmas movie with a dark edge and containing violence and action with Gibson playing Santa (no, really), Gibson was asked if there was anything to say regarding the fifth ‘Lethal‘ movie. Surprisingly, Gibson gave the fans of the franchise hope by telling the hosts that a fifth film was being worked on right at this minute by Richard Donner and the project was going to happen. Whether this comes to pass or not is another matter though. Danny Glover is now into his seventies while Gibson is in his sixties so the possibility of the pair still being able to kick the asses of villains threatening our way of life or whatever the plotline for the film is starting to diminish. But the script is said to resonate with current events and will contain topical elements to it that could yet give the world a fitting send-off to the pair of mismatched cops.

Lethal Weapon 2
Lethal Weapon 2 (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Time will tell once again but from a fan point of view, I’m totally up for one more bout of mayhem courtesy of Gibson, Glover, and Donner. But we will have to wait and see.


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