Outfit7 invests in Hospalai, which develops Kobi, to assist children with reading difficulties.

Outfit7, the global entertainment company behind the popular Talking Tom & Friends franchise, has announced an investment in Hopalai, a startup that develops KOBI, an eReader app designed to assist children with reading difficulties. This latest investment is part of Outfit7’s ongoing mission to expand and grow by identifying and supporting innovative business ventures with the potential for significant positive impact.


“We are always on the lookout for fresh and creative initiatives that require additional investment to scale their business,” said Igor Lautar, Senior VP of Sales, Growth, and Investments at Outfit7. “Education is an area of great importance to us, and Hopalai’s passion and commitment to helping children overcome reading difficulties made them a perfect fit for our investment. We firmly believe that the product they make will bring meaningful change in this segment.”

Ursula Lavrenčič, the founder of Hopalai, said, “Our mission is to make learning to read easier, especially for children who struggle with dyslexia or ADHD. We are working on innovative methods to create an exceptional learning app, using artificial intelligence and GPT technology. The support of Outfit7 is a big step forward for us to reach even more users.”

To learn more about Outfit7’s commitment to discovering new opportunities in the gaming industry and beyond, and to explore potential partnerships, visit the Outfit7 website.


Outfit7 Limited is a dynamic force in mobile gaming, reaching a global audience of billions with its award-winning games. Powered by creativity and industry-leading expertise, the company’s talented international team of over 400 people pushes the boundaries of the possible every day. Outfit7’s 20+ games have now been downloaded worldwide over 20 billion times and up to 470 million fans play with them every month. Its portfolio also includes numerous chart-topping animated series, theme parks, and a licensing program. You can find more information at http://www.outfit7.com.


KOBI is a premium subscription eReader app for children with dyslexia or ADHD, and for children who want to improve their reading skills. The eReader is designed with innovative and proven methods, tested by experts, and approved by kids. With over 1 million minutes read in the past year, nearly 97% of users agree that KOBI is the best eReader on the market for children with learning differences.

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