Listen to the collaboration between Star Wars godfather John Williams and saga newcomer John Powell on YouTube.

With Solo: A Star Wars Story delighting audiences all around the world, one of the many talking points amongst the fans has been the exciting new score collaboration between saga stalwart John Williams and franchise newcomer, John Powell.

John Williams’ superb “The Adventures of Han” theme is one of the many triumphs of Ron Howard’s fantastic movie, but composer John Powell is being heralded as a natural successor to Williams’ throne thanks to his pulse pounding soundtrack. With a fresh approach, combined with many incredible nostalgic themes from the saga has proven to a recipe for success and the fans have responded in kind.


It is a refreshing change.

Michael Giacchino’s incredible score for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story received mixed reactions from the fans, despite boasting what I consider to be an incredible blend of classic themes amalgamated with a contemporary touch which delivered a truly special score to accompany Gareth Edwards’ masterful movie.

So, how good is John Powell’s soundtrack?

Thankfully, you don’t have to save your hard-earned credits to get your first listen. Powell’s masterful score has been uploaded to YouTube via the official Disney Music Vevo account for you to enjoy.

Check it out:


Kudos to John Powell. His score it’s a pulse pounding symphonic roller coaster ride and elicits our nostalgia with new renditions of some of John Williams’ most cherished themes from the original trilogy. His score may not be perfect, nevertheless it is a noteworthy soundtrack and will be welcomed into the annals of Star Wars greatness with open arms. And rightly so.

The Force is refreshed once again in melodious symphony…and long may that continue.


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