February 6, 2023
NYCC | Halloween Comic-Con Poster

Todd McFarlane reveals an all-new NYCC exclusive poster for Halloween

Earlier this year, we Halloween fans were treated to our first look at the new film when a teaser poster was revealed to the world. The poster showed an aged Michael Myers with the now classic mask decaying after 40 years. For me, it was an exhilarating reveal. My favourite horror movie character was back and, although now getting on in years (61 years old and still slaying) I couldn’t wait for the new film to hit. And I still can’t wait for it even though it’s now only a fortnight away!

The Halloween Trailer Arrives

What intrigued me most about that poster was when someone decided to lighten it up a bit. It revealed the classic injury Michael sustained in the original film has finally been added to him. Michael was stabbed through one eye by a coat hanger. At the end of the film, his mask is removed briefly, his face is brought into the light which reveals his left eye has gone. Following instalments of the franchise neglected this injury, showing a Michael STILL had both eyes. Someone out there behind the new film had obviously been paying attention to the original film.

A few weeks ago, a second poster was released. This time, however, it brought Michael and his nemesis, Laurie Strode back together again. Though only a side in view of Laurie’s face and a front-facing view of Michael, it still made me and many of the fans jump for joy. This is going to be one hell of a smackdown, 40 years in the making.

NYCC | Halloween Comic-Con Poster

At NYCC Comic-Con this past week, a new and exclusive poster has been released. Beautifully drawn by the legendary Todd Mcfarlane, it is quite frankly a thing of beauty. Michael stares at us through his mask, again now faded with time. But the menace and dread of him still scream through the drawing. He faces us, daring us not to be scared. Though now aged and injured, he still is ‘The Shape’, an unstoppable man filled to the brim with pure evil. At his core is nothing but unprovoked violence. He’s still alive, he’s back in Haddonfield and he’s coming for you whoever you are.

NYCC | Halloween Comic-Con Poster

The pencil strokes Todd Mcfarlane has used are exquisite. The poster is just a black and white drawing, quite simple in terms but the lovingness and detail put in by Mr Mcfarlane show us the hours and dedication he has put into this work. Every line and contour in the piece are sublime. It’s a piece of art I intend to get a copy of somehow and frame it, hanging it lovingly like one of Michael’s early victims (Sorry Bob!) on my wall where it can be viewed and admired for years to come.

Michael, you were the first person to ever scare me. Now, 40 years later, a true artist has done you justice. Nice to see you again, old friend. And welcome home.

Halloween arrives in cinemas on October 19th


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