February 5, 2023
Star Wars: Resistance | Is It a Thrilling Series or a Boring Pastime?

Annlyel takes a retrospective look at Star Wars: Resistance to determine whether the series really lived up to the hype…

Star Wars: Resistance‘s first season just ended in the United States and now we must wait until October to see where the story takes us in Season 2. Star Wars: Resistance is definitely an interesting show. At first, I wasn’t very into the concept of a Resistance spy shacking on a ship and spying on the First Order, especially that the First Order wasn’t very present in the first half of the season. And then suddenly, things started getting real. Characters’ stories became more interesting, the show began to coincide with the timeline of The Force Awakens, and I actually began to start liking the show.

Thoughts on Star Wars Resistance

But with the finale in the bag, I look back on the first season of Resistance as a whole and I don’t know whether to feel happy or to feel a tad bit disappointed. Star Wars: Resistance is definitely a good show with some truly thrilling moments.

Every episode with Poe Dameron was exhilarating and absolutely a blast to watch. My favorite episode featuring Poe was definitely “Signal from Sector Six”. There were so many enjoyable elements to that episode; like Kaz and Poe’s encounter with the Kowakian monkey-lizards and the Kowakian Ape, the debut of CB-23 (who is definitely one of the cutest droids in Star Wars), and the introduction to Synara San.

Star Wars: Resistance | Our Verdict

I also really loved “The Children from Tehar”. It was the first time we saw the turtle-people and it was our first introduction to Eila and Kel. That episode was the first time the First Order’s brutality was truly highlighted in the season and we got an exciting Kylo Ren name drop which I loved.

The best portion of the season however definitely belonged to the final six episodes of Star Wars: Resistance. The First Order’s presence was finally felt in a big way and the stakes were lifted for the characters.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you don’t want to know what happens in the finale. Thank you for heeding this warning.

I appreciated the twist of Tam Ryvora willingly joining the First Order. It remains in part with the theme that the Star Wars franchise of late is telling morally grey stories rather than the classic tale of good versus evil. And it was a lovely setup too.

Thoughts on Star Wars Resistance

For the entire season, we have seen Tam as a good person. She has never been depicted as evil or shady. She was always shed in a good light because, like I said before, she’s a decent human being. For her to join the First Order, she’s not joining the faction’s ranks because she wants to hurt people and gain power. She just wants what she believes she deserves; a chance at having a nice life and becoming the pilot she always dreamed of being.

Yeager and Kaz weren’t delivering her that option but the First Order was, and with her feeling betrayed after she discovered that both Kazuda and Yeager were Resistance spies it didn’t help matters. What this twist means for her story and the story of Season 2 is, excitingly, yet to be known.


So, I come back to the question of this post: Is Star Wars: Resistance a Thrilling Series or a Boring Pastime? It’s a mixture of both on any given week. Looking back on all twenty episodes I find myself realizing that I loved ten episodes and found ten episodes rather boring, leaving me at a clear 50/50 with this show.

Obviously, Season 2 is gearing up to be more enjoyable (I hope) and that means it will probably deliver some exciting storylines and tantalizing potential clues for Episode IX. If you haven’t seen the whole season yet I definitely implore you to hang on because it is worth it.

Yes, it may be a bit boring right now, but the story is getting better and there are some truly lovable moments in the second half of the season. But if you’d rather skip the boring stuff, just read all of the spoilers on the internet. You won’t be missing anything.


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