Review | IT: Chapter Two

IT: Chapter Two terrifies the competition to remain at the top of the worldwide box office

IT Chapter Two‘ managed to scare off all competition this past weekend as Pennywise and company held firm at the top of the chart with another $40.7million. Despite losing 55% of its audience from last weekends $91million opening, the film quite comfortably held off its challengers. The film now has a domestic take of $153.8million and a worldwide grab of $323million against its budgeted costs of $70million. The figures are almost half of the previous films final take so far but the sequel has only been on release for ten days and will have legs going into October and the Halloween season. Although the film wasn’t as successfully reviewed this time around, it’s still making its money and scaring the pants off of moviegoers worldwide.

Review | IT: Chapter Two

Dancing and robbing its way into the second position is new release ‘Hustlers‘ starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Cardi B, Julia Styles and Lizzo. The comedy/ drama which is based on a true story managed to swindle its way to a $33.2million opening weekend. The film also took another $4.4million worldwide giving it a running total so far of $37.6million against a $20million budget. The figures are the best showing for a Jennifer Lopez film for quite a while and after the critics gave the film an average 88% approval rating, all the stars can be proud of the movie’s success.

Box Office | Pennywise Scares Up A Second Week At The Top!

Still fighting its way at the third position is Gerard Butler’s threequel ‘Angel Has Fallen‘. The film garnered another $4.4million this weekend, shooting its way to a $60.3million domestic take so far.

Good Boys’ are still behaving themselves as they came home in fourth place. Adding another $4.2million to its weekly allowance, the film has now sailed past $73.3million domestically and $91.6million around the world on a budget of $20million. As they have been so good, does that mean that the adults in the movie industry will consider allowing them out to play for a second time somewhere in the future?

Box Office | Pennywise Scares Up A Second Week At The Top!

The Lion King‘ is still roaring high in the chart as it sits on its mountaintop in the fifth position. After nine weekends out on release, the film took a further $3.5million and clawing its way to a domestic total of $533.9million and a global take of $1.61billion on a $250million budget.

Still kicking ass and taking names in sixth place, ‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs And Shaw‘ managed to beat its way to another $2.7milion and gaining it $168.3million domestic and $740.9million around the globe. Not bad for a film that has been much derided by several co-stars of the ‘Furious‘ franchise and left this reviewer cold.

Hobbs & Shaw | Fast & Furious Presents...Lethal Weapon 2019?

Seventh place went to faith-based drama ‘Overcomer‘ which prayed its way to a further $2.7million. The PG-rated film has now taken a domestic take of $28.9million on a $5million budgeted cost.

Opening in eighth place was the much-anticipated film version of Donna Tartt’s award-winning best selling novel ‘The Goldfinch‘. The R-rated drama, starring the talents of Nicole Kidman, Luke Wilson, Ansel Elgort, Sarah Poulson and Jeffery Wright cost an estimated $45million to produce for the screen but took a poor $2.6million, giving it the lowest per-screen average in the whole top ten upon its debut weekend. Many people thought the film would be a potential Oscar-winner but it has been critically mauled and derided, only gaining a 25% average. The film sounds like it could be a complete flop which is surprising considering the source material.

Box Office | Pennywise Scares Up A Second Week At The Top!

Shia Lebouf’s comedy ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon‘ flew home to land in the ninth position. The film has now taken $15million against its $6million budget after its $1.9million weekend. The film is opening at the London Film Festival and will then go on general release in the U.K so should add quite a bit more to its worldwide takings when it opens across the globe.

Rounding out the top ten and still swinging on a vine and clinging on for dear life, ‘Dora And The Lost City Of Gold‘ is exploring box office success as after its $1.8million weekend, the film has a domestic total of $56.7million. Overseas success has dragged the film up to a global take of $90.4million against a $49million budget.

Box Office | Hobbs & Shaw Race To The Top Spot

Scaring themselves out of the chart this weekend, we bid goodbye to ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark‘ and ‘Ready Or Not‘. Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to the sadly departed days of golden Hollywood moviemaking, ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood‘ has become his second-best box office success ever after the film moved onto a global take of $329million so far. The Leonardo Di Caprio/ Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie triple starring film is tipped by some as a potential Oscar-Winner come next years Academy Awards. This despite the controversy surrounding the way Martial Arts legend and film star Bruce Lee is portrayed in the film. As ‘The Goldfinch‘ looks to be a total dud, we can take that film out of the running, leaving us with what could be a straight-up fight between ‘Hollywood‘ and the upcoming ‘Joker‘ for the big awards.

The Final Joker Trailer Reveals a Snarl Behind the Smile!

Another film that is opening this weekend that could be a potential Academy botherer is Brad Pitt’s latest film, ‘Ad Astra‘. The science fiction film, co-starring Tommy Lee Jones has been picking up great critical reviews and buzz ahead of its unveiling to the cinematic world. Many critics have said this could be Pitt’s best chance ever to pick up an acting award so the signs are there that the film could be one that throws a spanner in ‘Joker’s works. However, after the success and prizes awarded to Joaquin Phoenix and the film itself, ‘Joker‘ now looks to be in the pole position come awards season.

Opening against Brad Pitt and his travels through space is the movie version of British Television drama ‘Downton Abbey’. Boasting the cast of the show, the film opened in the U.K last week. No word on how much the film took over its debut weekend yet as the U.K chart isn’t revealed until Tuesday but we can expect the film to open at the top of the British chart and could possibly top the U.S chart next week. It will probably open in the top three at least. That’s because ‘Rambo: Last Blood‘ also opens this weekend. The fifth and possibly final instalment in the life of Sylvester Stallone’s damaged Vietnam veteran (Based on the character created by author David Morrell) looks like it could also top the chart with many fans and critics saying how much the trailers have impressed them and complementing the film for having a great storyline.

So, over to you again. Will ‘Ad Astra‘ rocket into the top spot? Will ‘Downton Abbey‘ regally bow to the rest of the chart and enter in the first place? Will ‘Rambo: Last Blood‘ blow away all competition in a hail of bullets and storm its way to the summit? Or will ‘IT Chapter Two‘ scare off all the newcomers and hang onto the number one position? I’m seeing Rambo on opening day and intend to see ‘Ad Astra‘ sometime over the weekend so my spoiler-free reviews will be posted right here on The Future Of The Force (However, if Rambo dies, I riot!). Sadly though, even though I’m British, I cannot stand British period dramas so I’m giving ‘Downton Abbey‘ a miss.

Who will win this titanic battle for the top position next weekend? Check back right here next week to find out who has won so until then…

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