Jeffrey Wright in Talks to Become Commissioner Gordon in The Batman

The James Bond and Westworld star set to become Commissioner James Gordon in Matt Reeves’ Batman adventure

Light the Bat-signal because Matt Reeves has found his Commissioner Gordon!

THR is reporting that Casino Royale and Westworld star, Jeffrey Wright is locked in talks to assume the role of Gotham City’s Jim Gordon for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Should he take the role, Wright will follow in the footsteps of Pat Hingle, Gary Oldman and most recently J.K Simmons who portrayed the legendary Commissioner in Justice League. Simmons performed admirably despite his limited screen time but with The Batman focussing on a younger incarnation of the Dark Knight, a new Jim Gordon is required and Wright fits the bill to perfection.

Jeffrey Wright in Talks to Become Commissioner Gordon in The Batman

Despite the ceaseless rumours, the only actor officially cast in Matt Reeves’ Batman tale is new DC newcomer Robert Pattinson who will assume the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. In the last twenty-four hours, Jonah Hill has been rumoured to be in talks with Warner Bros executives over a secret role in the movie (expected to be either The Penguin or The Riddler) but nothing concrete has emerged to substantiate it. However, with Batman now locked in the rest of the cast should quickly fall into place.

It’s Official | Robert Pattinson Cast as The Dark Knight for Matt Reeves’ The Batman

The Batman is set for a June 25th 2021, release.


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