October 1, 2023
Upcoming Star Wars Projects in 2020

Max looks ahead to Lucasfilm‘s 2020 slate which lacks a big-screen Star Wars release

It’s 2020. The new decade is here and even though there isn’t a Star Wars movie on the near periphery; it’s never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan. We have entered what I like to call the Post-Skywalker Era. 42 years have gone by in the Skywalker era and now the sun is setting and rises anew. Here’s some stuff to look forward to in 2020 and beyond.

Star Wars | 3 Movies Being Released Starting in 2022

1.) The Mandalorian Season 2 – Confirmed for Fall 2020, everyone is likely very excited for more Mando (I know I am). The genius, Jon Favreau delivered a killer first season and it’s anyone’s guess where the story will go next. On social media, Jon teased us with a near-naked Gamorrean figure, so perhaps Mando meets a Hutt at some point. We definitely need to find out how Moff Gideon got the Darksaber and I really hope the series ends with Mando as its new owner. I also want more Cara Dune and would love for her to enter an intimate relationship with The Mandalorian. I never want Yoda’s species to be identified, but I want something substantial for Baby Yoda. Perhaps he is given to Luke to train…. or Ahsoka? My anticipation for this is 10/10.

Moff Gideon and The Darksaber

2.) The Clone Wars Season 7- We don’t have to wait long for this (a little over a month), and it is exciting to see something as big in magnitude as the Clone Wars coming to an end. Every project needs closure (ask Samurai Jack) and I’d like to see Ahsoka on her own. I just hope she doesn’t embarrass Maul too badly. Its only 12 episodes and 4 are just finished The Bad Batch arc, and with the Mandalorian stuff; I wonder what other unknown storylines will emerge. 8/10

SWCC | Ahsoka Tano Strikes Back in the New Trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars

3.) Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi series- It isn’t clear whether this show is coming in 2020, but I am ultra-excited to see Ewan McGregor play Obi-Wan again. I don’t want him to encounter Vader, but I’m open to him duelling an Inquisitor or two. Seeing a young Luke would also be interesting and who knows? Maybe Quinlan Vos will meet up with an old friend….. Super excited! 9/10

It's Official | Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Announced for Disney+

4.) Untitled Cassian Andor series- This one is definitely in the pipeline but I really don’t like Diego Luna’s character or his droid, but maybe a spy series is what Star Wars should have as well. Spies in SW could have some cool nanotech gadgets and I’d like to see little missions add up; like with Kaz in Resistance. However, I do believe Cassian is a better spy than Kaz. Sorry, Kaz.

Disney+ | Tony Gilroy Will Write and Direct the Star Wars: Cassian Andor Series

5.) Thrawn Ascendency 1: Chaos Rising- I love to read and for years, between 2005 and 2015, novels were my Star Wars, and I want to continue the tradition in the Post-Skywalker era. Helmed by Timothy Zahn (a great writer); I can’t wait to see Thrawn’s origins and I am fascinated to learn about the Chiss Ascendency. We are literally and figuratively entering alien territory here and I can only imagine what we could see. 9/10

Thrawn Ascendancy Book 1: Chaos Rising Revealed

6.) Queens Peril – I love Padme and this story of her starting as Queen should be an interesting tale. I didn’t read the other Padme book that came out last year but I promise to support m’lady in the New Year. 8/10


7.) Rumored new animated series- There have been whispers that Dave Filoni is creating a Luke Skywalker animated series. I’m always skeptical about Filoni stuff, but he DID spearhead The Clone Wars and this show could be as groundbreaking as that one and I’m sure that veteran voice-over god Mark Hamill will return to voice Luke.

Star Wars | The Defining Moments: Luke Skywalker

8.) Rumored musical- This one may be too good to be true. There is also a rumor that there is a Broadway musical coming, starring Rey after TROS. I LOVE musicals and it’s always been my dream to have a Star Wars one. 11/10!


Also, there are two other books slated for 2020; The Rise of Skywalker novelization but aside for the Revenge of the Sith; I don’t read novelizations. Also the second book in the Alphabet Squadron, Shadow Fall is coming and I will read it, but I doubt it will be any good.

Fanboy dreams: 3 things I want to see in 2020:

1.) More Dr. Cylo
2.) More of Quinlan Vos
3.) Answer to the question- Who is the Chosen One? Is there even a Chosen One?


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