December 10, 2022
S.H. Figuarts Doctor Strange (Avengers: Infinity War) Review

Thomas enters the inner sanctum to review the incredible Doctor Strange action figure from Tamashii’s Figuarts collection

Similar to my last post, this review is dedicated to another past release – Doctor Strange from Avengers Infinity War. This became a very rare figure after its release but thanks to MyKombini, you can once again have the chance to get this one for a reasonable price compared to the astronomical asking price from third-party sellers!


The box for this figure is actually big, similar to a MAFEX package because it includes a ring magic portal that takes up a lot of space. It also includes 3 magical effects, 12 interchangeable hands, and 2 interchangeable heads.


I’m not sure how it is determined which character gets an interchangeable head or interchangeable face but I can tell you I’m happy Strange has the interchangeable heads, it’s much better! The first headsculpt is good but it’s not entirely spot on and I’m not sure what expression is it trying to convey. However, the second headsculpt is absolutely great and reminds me of the sculpt that was produced for the Marvel Select figure, it has this serious Benedict Cumberbatch expression.

This figure has 26 points of articulation including POA for the cape that is attached to the body. The cape is made of plastic and is divided into three articulated parts. For someone who is pro soft goods, it doesn’t sit well with me. I understand what Figuarts was trying to do with the plastic, giving the possibility of movement but I do believe that if they had made a MAFEX fabric style cape, it would have done perfectly fine or do a cape similar to what Hot Toys produced for that character. And Figuarts actually forgot to detail the interior of the cape, the interior is not red, it is supposed to have a lot of details. But pro plastic collectors will definitely appreciate this cape and I have to applaud Figuarts for the hard work they’ve put on it for the articulation. For pro soft goods collectors, you can get a fabric custom cape from Manipple Studios.

The outfit is screen accurate though, it is highly detailed with beautiful paint apps!

With the different interchangeable hands, you can recreate Doctor Strange‘s classic poses.


The magic effects and the ring portal are made of fabric as thin as paper but obviously more solid, it feels cheap compared to Hot Toys but it’s quite appreciated and I really like these little accessories!

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Final Thoughts:

It’s a great figure despite some of its flaws.


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