The UK Top 10 - Official Film Chart 1st April 2020

Beat the coronavirus blues with the hottest movies on disc and digital this week!

So, why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here?! Actually, though, I’d prefer you to stay! Welcome once again to the official chart rundown of what has been coming home with us to keep us entertained over these uncertain times. We see two new entries into our chart this week and one re-entry that has moved up five places. As such, we must bid adieu to three titles and so it is with a wave goodbye that we see ‘The Lion King‘, Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil‘ and in a surprise loss, ‘Last Christmas‘ depart. However, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I will as I called it correctly last week as we see non-movers in the top two positions! Let’s get this movable feast underway!


Holding onto the top position and making sure that it won’t let it go, we once again find the Disney animated sequel ‘Frozen II‘. The film managed an incredible 110,000 downloads in its second week and has found itself on the list of the fastest-selling download films of all time, coming in at the second position, only being held from the top by ‘Avengers: Endgame‘. However, it is only 88,000 downloads behind the Marvel epic and could quite possibly, overtake it within the next week or so. The family film is ideal entertainment to keep everyone occupied and happy during the current lockdown we are all currently going through. I shall nail my colours to the mast now and predict the film will stay in the top spot for quite a few weeks to come yet.

Frozen 2 Review

Its brakes are still holding strong and show no signs of wearing thin as ‘Le Mans ’66‘ parks itself once more in the week’s second-place position. The true-life drama regarding the feud between the two auto racing companies continues to sell and download well, a feat it deserves to achieve. The double team of Matt Damon and Christian Bale bring the story to the screen with great effect, making the film a great way to spend two and a half hours of your time. Gripping from start to finish.


Rising three places based on downloads ahead of its physical release this past Monday, we find the completely brilliant Rian Johnson murder mystery ‘Knives Out‘ which takes the third place on this weeks chart. Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson and Christopher Plummer are just a handful of the stars that appear in this wonderfully dark and quite comedic crime drama which, if you’ll permit me, is worth every penny spent on procuring a copy for your own collections and is a must-have as the rewatch ability of the film is almost second to none in this week’s chart.


Coming in at number four, we find the first of this weeks two new entries and the first film that has hit the chart based on its release to rent only as we say hello in a hail of gunfire to Vin Diesel and ‘Bloodshot‘. The film had only just hit cinemas around the world before the current medical situation forced all sites and screens to close. As such, the film and several others like it have been made available to rent on a one-time basis for the price of a cinema ticket and then half again. The film hadn’t garnered great reviews or box office before the cinemas shut down. But the box office we can excuse the film for as the entire cinema industry suffered one of the lowest-grossing worldwide weekends ever due to the coronavirus and the impact it could cause the moviegoing public. So, I cannot comment on the film as I had yet to see it before the shutdown but if you fancy watching it, then it is available from your favoured streaming site now.


Rounding out the top five positions this week, we find the second and final new entry as writer/director/ star Elizabeth Banks take on ‘Charlie’s Angels‘ makes its way into the chart, again based on downloads alone. The film suffered a box office flop upon its release last November, a situation that Ms Banks blamed squarely on the Marvel movies and such like. Starring Kristen Stewart and Sir Patrick Stewart (no relation), the film also suffered from a distinct lack of critical acclaim which didn’t help its cause. Perhaps it is also a sign that audiences are now growing tired of reboots and remakes of old television shows that have added to the film’s failure.


As we move into the lower part of the chart, we welcome back our old friend ‘Joker‘ as he begins to laugh once more, rising two places to end the week in the sixth position.

Movie Review | Joker

Dropping like one of the WWII bombs by two places, this weeks number seven is the Roland Emmerich directed ‘Midway‘. A former number one film, the title has seen a quite steep decline over the past few weeks but it may yet get a shot in the arm with the lockdown we are currently in, causing people to download or buy films to keep them occupied while confined at home.


Maybe he isn’t quite obsolete yet as he avoids chart termination this week as ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘ slips a single place to finish the week in the eighth-placed position. Again, the film is another title that is deservedly worth picking up and keeping for your entertainment over the coming months.


The doors are firmly locked, the servants have been quarantined and the silver is tarnished now as ‘Downton Abbey‘ drops five places in the chart to end the week all the way down in the ninth position.

Review | Downton Abbey

Rising up five places to round out the chart this week and making its top ten chart debut comes Chadwick Boseman and his cop drama ‘21 Bridges‘. Again, the film is a good one to have in your collection or have in reserve at your disposal as and when you require it.

21 Bridges

Becoming available from April 4th, we are once again thrust into the magical and dangerous world of game playing as ‘Jumanji: The Next Level‘ is unleashed. The film, starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and the beautiful Karen Gillan is the third instalment in the franchise, following on from the late Robin Williams’ original and the belated sequel/reboot ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle‘ from a few years back. The film made a massive dent at the worldwide box office, holding onto a top ten chart place for almost three months straight. It is a magical mix of action, frights, CGI and comedy which will entertain the whole family and will become a go-to film in years to come.


Ok, so what do YOU think will be next week’s SECOND best selling title? Will ‘Le Mans ’66‘ continue to apply its brakes and park itself there again? Will ‘Knives Out‘ cut through the rest and take the second place? Will ‘Bloodshot‘ shoot up the chart to take the spot? Or will ‘Charlie’s Angels‘ kick ass and fight their way into the runner up position?

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe and happy viewing!


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