February 7, 2023
Mass Release Date Changes For Spider-Man 3, Spider-Verse 2, Thor, and Doctor Strange!

Sony and Disney Play the release date merry go round…again!

And the never-ending shift of movie release dates continues! Hot on the heels of Mission Impossible 7 and 8 being forced into a release schedule change, Sony and Disney have got in on the fun and announced shifts for some of their announced and upcoming content. Although it was probably inevitable, we will have to wait for our next two dates with our friendly neighborhood web-crawler while Doctor Strange and Thor move around slightly.


Sony has announced that the third solo effort starring Tom Holland has moved back from its intended release of July 16th, 2021 to November 5th, 2021 while the sequel to ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse‘ has also shifted from April 8th, 2022 to October 7th, 2022 while ‘Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness‘ has now moved from November 5th 2021 to March 25th, 2022 while ‘Thor: Love And Thunder‘ actually moves forward slightly by a week from February 18th 2022 to February 11th, 2022.

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In other Sony and Disney release news, Sony’s animated film ‘Connected‘ moves from September 18th, 2020 to October 23rd, 2020, ‘Escape Room 2‘ from December 30th, 2020 to January 1st 2021 (Why?), Tom Holland’s hotly-anticipated ‘Uncharted‘ moves from October 8th, 2021 to July 16th, 2021 and ‘Hotel Transylvania 4‘ moves up from December 22nd, 2021 to August 6th 2021 while Disney has staked their colors to July 9th 2021 and April 8th 2022 for as yet unannounced movies to open.

Uncharted - Tom Holland

We wait for more movies to shift release dates as it appears to be inevitable at the moment and will bring you the latest announcements as they happen.


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