Drink Up Me Hearties! Margot Robbie To Lead New Pirates Adventure.

Drink Up Me Hearties! Margot Robbie To Lead New Pirates Adventure.

The female-led ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean‘ will stand apart from the franchise reboot and will be written by Christina Hodson

It looks like Captain Jack Sparrow has either got competition or has sailed his final voyage. THR is reporting that none other than Margot Robbie has been signed up to become the successor to the Johnny Depp character in a brand new ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean‘ adventure over at Disney. Although it is understood that the film will be an independent adventure, away from the main franchise, it can’t be ruled out that Depp’s days of sailing the seven seas may just, as rumored be over.

Johnny Depp - Pirates Of The Caribbean

Ms. Robbie will be reteaming with her ‘Birds Of Prey‘ writer, Christina Hodson to bring this new adventure to the screen. It is apparently not intended to be a spin-off of the Disney franchise but a completely new series of films with Ms. Robbie firmly at the captain’s wheel. It is quite confusing, however. It has already been reported that the main franchise is about to be rebooted and now, this news has leaked out. Adding to the confusion, even more, is the news that Jerry Bruckheimer is onboard BOTH projects in his role as producer.

Christina Hodson and Margot Robbie - Birds Of Prey

It was rumored for a long time that Karen Gillan was the one who would be taking over the wheel of the Black Pearl from Johnny Depp but the plan apparently now is to have both Margot Robbie AND Karen Gillan lead the franchise in whatever direction the films take. While the news is extremely confusing, it does throw up an interesting concept and a possible crossover somewhere down the line. And Margot Robbie is always great in any role she takes on so she should be able to nail this challenge to the mast with considerable ease.

We will bring you any updates on this breaking story as soon as they come in.


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