Being a 'Star Wars' Fan: A Quick Self-Analysis

Max explores the first contact between species in the galaxy far, far away…

First Contact is a sci-fi concept that involves humans (or an equally intelligent race) meeting aliens for the first time. Obviously, this might have happened in the Star Wars galaxy when the Hyperdrive was invented but in the Skywalker Saga era; millions of species have contact with each other. Legends did do a microcosm of this event with the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong but there actually was an interesting pseudo-First contact-Esque storyline in the Legends novel X-Wing Mercy Kill.

Yuuzhan Vong Warriors

In the book, the main characters are doing a stealth mission and using Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology; can make an alien costume for one of them to wear and pretend to be an alien species. The planet is Kuratooine and the masquerader pretends to be an alien that was “hibernating” underground. They used crustacean DNA to make the suit and even though this is a fake species; it brings up a lot of interesting questions. How does the galaxy react to meeting new primitive alien races? Do they have a Prime Directive like in Star Trek where they won’t interfere or give them an “uplift”? I don’t think so.

Being a 'Star Wars' Fan: A Quick Self-Analysis

Star Wars never really cared about how primitives were treated but what really sold me as a first contact type story was that they stereotypically had the “alien” ask to be taken to their leader. This is a very 1950’sish sci-fi trope and I was just delighted to see it in Star Wars.


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