Feast your eyes on these adorable Mando and The Child / Sandtrooper and Dewback figures from Beast Kingdom

Mando Mania is running wild just now!

Since the return of the acclaimed, Emmy award-winning series a cargo hold of awesome merchandise has been hitting the shelves to complement our experience. Whether it’s Hasbro with their glorious range of action figures, Regal Robot and their incredible line of collectibles, or Hot Toys with their breathtaking line of figures – there is something for everybody. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – along comes Beast Kingdom to deliver some charming new figures that will tickle every fans’ pickle!

The toy giant has unveiled two new incredible sets from their EAA Series of collectible figures and they include The Mandalorian and The Child and an extremely playful take on the relationship between an Imperial Sandtrooper and his trusty Dewback!

Here’s the official line:

The Mandalorian And The Child

The EAA series of highly articulable, 6-inch action figures by Beast Kingdom is back once again with new Star Wars sets for fans of the Mandalorian. The kitted out bounty hunter is paired with a bevy of accessories fit to take on The Empire and its legions of Storm Troopers. Accompanying the Mandalorian is none other than the hit sensation ‘The Child’, or as affectionately known by fans as ‘Baby Yoda’, the pint-sized star full of cuteness!

The Mandalorian set, made with years of experience in licensed figure manufacturing includes real fabric for the clothing, as well as a detailed recreation of the armor and weapons.

Accessories include:

  • Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands (fist, open palm, gripped), Amban Rifle, Pistol, Beskar Steel Bar, Mythosaur Skull Ornament, Jetpack,
  • Baby carrier (non-removable baby Yoda), Special, branded figure base with bracket.
  • The biggest, baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy is ready to join your collection today! Will you be saving the galaxy against the clutches of the Evil Empire?

Special Features:

  • Use of real cloth for the costume and cape
  • Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands (fist, open palm, gripped)
  • Five (5) accessories: Amban Rifle, Pistol, Beskar Steel Bar, Mythosaur Skull Ornament,
  • Jetpack, Baby carrier (non-removable baby Yoda)
  • Special, branded figure base with bracket

The Sandtrooper And The Dewback

Star Wars’ most adorable mounts are coming back!

Do you remember the cutest ride on Tatooine? It’s a lizard and a Sandtrooper’s best friend. Beast Kingdom’s introducing the popular Dewback from Star Wars: A New Hope, its hide is incredibly detailed, with each scale coming to life, and skilled ornamentation adding layers. Made of vinyl, it has 10 movable joints: the head, 4 legs, 4 ankles, and its tail, and also comes with saddlebags, bringing out a certain cuteness. In addition to individual Dewbacks. Let’s catch that rebel scum together with Dewback!

Special Features:

  • Possesses 10 movable joints
  • The Dewback’s saddlebags and accessories are carefully painted
  • Detailing on the Dewback’s scales is painstakingly replicated
  • The Dewback is made of vinyl, giving it a lifelike appearance

Okay, these figures are adorable and would compliment any fans’ collection. The playful cartoon aesthetics of these figures is something to cherish and I cannot wait to add these to my collection!

Order yours here: The Mandalorian And The Child – The Sandtrooper And The Dewback

Kudos Beast Kingdom. You’ve nailed these!


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