Ghostbusters: Eerie Errors And Suspect Ghosts Review

Hero Collector’s ‘Nerd Search’ books heads to the movies with a supernatural search-and-find in Ghostbusters: Eerie Errors & Suspect Ghosts.

There’s something about The Hero Collector series of books that call out to me. Ok, so they are for the hardcore fans of whatever franchise their latest book is based on (They are called Nerd Search for a reason)  but they are just so entertaining and fun. Take the ‘Ghostbusters: Eerie Errors And Suspect Ghosts‘ for example. Here we have a book that is full of intentional mistakes and it is the reader’s job to find them all.  There is even a scorecard inside the book so you can write down what you find. It is a puzzle book that not only entertains but it gives the reader the chance to challenge their friends or for children to work together to discover everything wrong on the pages contained within. And it is so damn fun!

Ghostbusters: Eerie Errors And Suspect Ghosts | by Glenn Dakin

Ghostbusters: Eerie Errors And Suspect Ghosts Cover

The front cover depicts the battle between the Ghostbusters and The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the original movie. It is a nice drawing of that scene. But take a closer look at it. You’ve started the puzzles on the front cover! No spoilers but I found three mistakes just by looking at it! It helps if you are a movie buff and have a knowledge of the films and their respective scenes but even if you’re not, it is a novel way of wasting some time and occupying yourself. The back cover explains exactly what the book entails and gives a few clues about what you will need to look for inside the pages. As we open the cover and start to leaf through the pages, we come to an instruction page informing us of how to use the book. It goes into detail about what a ‘Nerd Search‘ is and what to look out for on the puzzling pages ahead. The answers are on page 24 (No cheating allowed!) ready for once you complete your obsessive look for everything.

Ghostbusters Nerd Search Library Lurker
Ghostbusters: Nerd Search – The Library Lurker

The pages entitled ‘We’re ready to believe you‘ speak to the reader about events and the truth about some of the things we see and hear throughout the first two movies. There are some interesting things to discover throughout these two pages before we turn over and find ‘Myths And Manifestations…And How To Spot Them‘ across the following two-page spread. It is here where the reader will discover things regarding ‘Fiends Of Folklore‘ such as the Terror Dogs, ‘Headless Horrors‘ which includes Mary, Queen Of Scots among the listed, and ‘Screaming Skulls‘ which applies to The Library Ghost from the opening to the original movie. The information contained here will bring a nice sense of knowledge to the reader and prepare them for what lies ahead. For as we turn over the page, we are thrust into the puzzles and the hunt for the errors as the Nerd Search begins.

Ghostbusters Nerd Search Slimer Showdown
Ghostbusters: Nerd Search – Slimer Showdown

I can’t speak of the pages that follow as that would spoil the fun of the nerd search and would give away what the reader has to do and find throughout the pages. All that I can say is that the reader will need a knowledge of the two films and will need, on occasion, to realize the separation of the two movies and the characters and ghosts they feature otherwise they will find themselves with an epic fail! But that is the most enjoyable thing about the book. If you are a superfan of the two movies and a complete Ghostbusters geek, then you SHOULD, by rights, easily find the errors that are featured here. But if you have a working knowledge of the films and their events, you will probably find that you miss quite a few of the errors until you try once more to find everything that is wrong.

Ghostbusters: Eerie Errors And Suspect Ghosts Review


It is a fun time trying to discover everything that has been intentionally changed and the errors that the book contains. Is it worth a purchase? Absolutely! This would make a great gift for the geek in your life or just for yourself. So don’t wait for a mass sponge migration, grab yourself a copy now!


Ghostbusters: Nerd Search – Eerie Errors and Suspect Ghosts by Glenn Dakin is published by Eaglemoss/Hero Collector and is available to buy NOW!


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